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China Trip Yielding Results – HH


President Hakainde Hichilema said his trip to China last September has resulted in a number of development projects being implemented in Zambia.

President Hichilema said the de-watering of Shaft 28 in Luanshya is just one of many projects that have been embarked on since he engaged Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing last year.

Speaking at State House when Chinese Deputy Minister in the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party’s –CPC- Central Committee Li Mingxiang paid a courtesy call on him. President Hichilema praised the Chinese ruling party for being behind the Asian country’s success.

He said the UPND has a lot to learn from the Chinese Communist Party which has been ruling China since the 1940s.

And Mr. Li said his trip to Zambia is aimed at cementing the relations between the CPC and the UPND.

Mr. Li said Zambia and China have historically been close and there is need for the CPC and UPND to enhance the relations.

And UPND Acting National Chairperson, Collins Maoma said the ruling party is ready to work with the CPC in many areas.



  1. Mwezokana! China is an all weather friend. Even this planned Lusaka-Ndola Road should have been given to the Chinese including road repairs.
    Manje it was IMF this, IMF that! Chaii

    • Wrong. The government should resurface the roads itself. By doing this, we will be creating jobs in Zambia and recycling the wealth in the country. It is less expensive, and far more beneficial to buy road making equipment from abroad, than to have foreigners do what you can do for yourself.

  2. …….

    Just leave the business of being president to HH……..

    Zambia can not be in better hands…….

    Forwadee 2031………

  3. ECL delivered more from China relations:
    1. New Mulungushi conference Center
    2.KK international Airport
    3. Simon Kapwepwe international airport
    4. Lusaka- Ndola Dual Carriage road( UPND have just jumped on it)
    5. Solwezi Chingola Road
    6. Other roads connecting provinces
    7. Levy Mwanawasa Teaching hospital upgrade
    8. Maina Soko military hospital upgrade
    9. Government offices
    10. Kafue Gorge power station
    And many more too numerous to mention.

    • He yoked Zambia to Chinese and other foreign debt. Other than the power station, none of the items on that agenda brings money. They simply cause Zambia to be indebted, and this is to say nothing of the fact many of them were used to loot money from the government through overpricing and kickbacks. Lungu left Zambia in and unpayable US $33 billion debt.

  4. Benzokana, now… yaba. You people, please use China to build our infrastructure please.. these IMF / World Bank are evil organisations to make sure African nations are in forever debts so that they can remote control any president who is elected. Beggars aren’t choosers. China can build mega modern cities, roads etc for us mwebantu wake up please!!!! Take advantage of them since they are desperate of our resources. Swallow your pride ba govt

    • China DID NOT USE anyone to build anything for it. It remained poor until it could build the things for it. You id!ots need to understand that things take time. You do not want to mortgage your future by building cities out of debt to foreigners. As we get more educated, we will do all of these things on our own.

  5. China whom he shunned at the beginning of his presidency until they threatened to call in all their loans now it has become an all weather friend.


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