Thursday, May 30, 2024

Czech Republic’s Speaker of the Senate Leads Delegation to Explore Business Opportunities in Zambia


State House welcomed His Excellency Milos Vystrcil, Speaker of the Senate of the Czech Republic, and his delegation , as they embarked on a mission to explore business opportunities in Zambia. Leading a contingent of Czech business leaders, Speaker Vystrcil expressed his commitment to fostering stronger cooperation between the two nations across various sectors of the economy.

During the courtesy call, President Hichilema conveyed his delight at hosting the Czech delegation, emphasizing the country’s dedication to expanding business, investment, and trade opportunities across multiple sectors. Reflecting on the longstanding relationship between Zambia and the Czech Republic, dating back to the liberation movement era, both parties affirmed their commitment to deepening cooperation and collaboration.

Speaker Vystrcil highlighted the Czech Republic’s determination to bolster mutual collaborations with Zambia, citing the country’s stability under President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership. He announced that the Czech Republic has already allocated approximately 7 million Euros for the development of Zambia’s forestry sector, showcasing their commitment to supporting Zambia’s economic growth and development.

In response, President Hichilema expressed gratitude for the Czech Republic’s investment in Zambia’s economic and social sectors. He also extended appreciation to the European Union and the Czech Republic for their support in facilitating Zambia’s debt restructuring deal, which had previously posed challenges to economic development.

Furthermore, President Hichilema underscored the importance of global cooperation in promoting peace, stability, and security worldwide, emphasizing Zambia’s commitment to contributing to these efforts.

The visit by Speaker Vystrcil and the Czech delegation underscores the growing interest of international partners in Zambia’s economic potential and the government’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. As Zambia continues to attract foreign investment and expand its economic horizons, collaborations with countries like the Czech Republic are poised to play a pivotal role in driving sustainable development and prosperity for all.


  1. This is great news for Zambia !!!!!… BUT the investing companies MUST be TAXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These companies are NOT doing us any favour by coming to our nation. Any nation with great economy taxes any foreign companies & the taxed monies help to develop that nation economy & infrastructure. Kaya mu Zamibia kaya. No tax holidays for them please, you tax your citizen but these you don’t how?

  2. It takes a long journey in the dark before the light Mr President. Rome was not built in a day. Keep up the good work

  3. I think we can do business with these guys. They are a landlocked country like us, they were colonised by Churchill’s Britain and Stalin’s Russia. They are a beer drinking nation and are among the first to brew beer. They can play football and have villages which resemble our own.Czechs are very good with infrastructure projects such as roads, railway, schools, hospitals and power stations. They produce most of the agricultural products on the European market and they are pretty good with technology too. Imagine, the Czech Koruna and the Zambian Kwacha are 1:1. This is where we can tap into German technology on the cheap.

  4. I suggest they invest in ZESCO as well because our loading schedule in PHI for today is 18 to 22 hrs. But power has been switched off a few minutes after 17hrs, does it mean power will be restored at 21hrs instead of 22hrs.

    • You expect to get an answer from Zesco ?? that wont happen
      Management contracts should be terminated and forward thinking personal should be brought in
      They are disgrace and have endless difficulties to this country
      even last year Kariba was only 20% full and thet did Z all

  5. They have just come Herr for a holiday. What investments can Czechs do in zambia. We have no mutual ground.

    • Sounds like a mind that is badly damaged by the imperialists. Sometimes doing business with economies closer to your own can yield better results and relationships.

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