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President Hichilema Inaugurates 60MW CEC Itimpi Solar Plant in Kitwe


President Hakainde Hichilema inaugurated the 60-megawatt Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) Itimpi Solar Plant in Kitwe. The completion of this project in record time garnered applause, with congratulations extended to the company for their remarkable achievement.

The commissioning of the Itimpi Solar Plant comes at a critical juncture as Zambia and the surrounding region face a severe power shortage, posing threats to energy, food, and ultimately national security. President Hichilema emphasized the timeliness of this initiative, especially amidst the challenges posed by the El Niño-induced impacts on hydroelectric power.

In his address, President Hichilema underscored the importance of diversifying the energy sector in response to the effects of climate change. He highlighted the government’s commitment to bolstering the economy, which necessitates increased energy capacity to support various sectors.

The investment by CEC in the Itimpi Solar Plant is hailed as a significant milestone in achieving diversification within the energy sector, with the potential to mitigate the current power deficit in the country.

Energy Minister Peter Kapala echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the plant’s timely contribution to promoting alternative energy sources, which will help alleviate the power shortfall in Zambia.

CEC Managing Director Owen Silavwe emphasized the need for collaboration among energy sector players, particularly in light of the current drought conditions. He stressed the importance of working together to meet the growing demand for power in the country.

London Mwafulilwa, the Chairperson of the CEC Board, highlighted the positive socio-economic impact of the project, noting that over one thousand jobs were created during the construction phase, further demonstrating the tangible benefits of investing in renewable energy infrastructure.

The commissioning of the Itimpi Solar Plant not only marks a significant step forward in addressing Zambia’s energy challenges but also sets a precedent for sustainable development and cooperation within the energy sector.


  1. Just imagine…
    MBINGU WAMUTARIKA is coming back to power in Malawi.
    JACOB ZUMA is coming back to power in South Africa.
    DONALD TRUMP is coming back to power in USA
    EDGAR LUNGU is coming back to power in Zambia.

    This world is unpredictable.

    • Dont downvote this Chabanyama. These illogical politicians have gripped the population. People no longer can appreciate reason. They like a politician because they hate his rival. Ask them why they hate him and they dont have an explanation. They are in the devil’s grip. Its like the world is about to end

    • Always complaining. Do you know the cost of producing 60 megawatt? How many megawatt of Solar power did pf inaugurate? Does you house even have solar power? Learn to appreciate.

    • Katana. This project was probably initiated during the PF rule, just like the Kafue Lower Gorge but is being commissioned now. Projects normally take many years from planning to completion. No need to make this political

    • .Please check the CEC- Market Announcement dated 2nd March 2023.
      The 34.15MWp Riverside Solar PV Plant was commissioned by Mr Hakainde Hichilema, the President of the Republic of Zambia, on 15th February 2023 and is now operational at full scale.

      In addition to the Riverside Solar PV Plant, construction of the Itimpi Solar Development Project-Phase I, a greenfield utility scale 60MWp solar PV facility, is underway. Situated in Kitwe’s outskirt area of Garneton on 80 hectares of land, the first phase will deliver 60MWp. Phase I construction will run until the fourth quarter of 2023, following which the second phase will commence.

    • No he isnt complaining about the wattage or the cost of producing it. He is complaining that the journalist has not done his job. A reporter needs to explain what is 60 Megawatts and what its contribution to the national grid is. Indeed a good reporter would find out the average electricity consumption of a home in Kitwe and work out how many homes would benefit from this plant. Thats why he is a journalist; to break down stuff so that we dumb ones can understand.

  2. Very good development. We need more of these at least in each province and these can be built in partnership with Zambians 9including those in diaspora.

  3. Encourage more to do business, support them through loans, enforce the banks & all lending organisations to lend capital / loans to small businesses. No govt create jobs in this world but the private sector such as these small businesses.. All the govts do is create easy playing field for their citizens to do business. Make it easy for citizens to start businesses & access financial boosts / loans. Zambians are NOT lazy, we hustle.. see the informal traders.. everyone hustles but we lack political will. Open the economy for people to trade as it was before you came into power, please

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