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Rainford Kalaba in critical condition after horrific road accident


Rainford Kalaba former Zambia National Team Captain
Rainford Kalaba former Zambia National Team Captain

Rainford Kalaba, the former Zambia National Team captain has been left in a critical condition after a tragic accident on Saturday April 13,2024 along the Great North Road at Kafue S Corners near Kafue Quarry.

According to Police Public Relations Officer,Rae Hamoonga, the incident involved a Howo truck horse with registration number AIC 805 and trailer number BAC 9540 and an unregistered Mercedes Benz car.

Mr. Muyunda Isaac, aged 32 years, of Kamwala South, was driving the Howo truck whilst a woman identified as Charlene Mkandawire was driving a Mercedes Benz car, unregistered, from south to north direction.Tragically, she succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the accident.The passenger Rainford Kalaba, aged 38 years, of Mufurira, Copperbelt Province, was onboard the Mercedes Benz vehicle. He sustained suspected internal injuries and was promptly transported to UTH for urgent medical attention.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the accident occurred as a result of improper overtaking by the Benz car, leading to a collision with the oncoming truck.

Following the accident, Reuben Kamanga, Vice President and General Secretary of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), rushed from Choma to the UTH in Lusaka to visit Rainford Kalaba. Kalaba, a former Chipolopolo captain and 2012 Africa Cup of Nations winner, is currently admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at UTH in critical condition.

Kamanga appealed to the football community to pray for Kalaba’s recovery. Earlier, FAZ youth development officer Clifford Mulenga, alongside former national team players and technical staff, also visited Kalaba at the hospital.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and the devastating consequences of reckless driving. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident as families and the football community await updates on Kalaba’s condition.

The Mercedes Benz involved in the accident
The truck involved in the accident


    • He is at a wrong hospital.
      If Kamanga was in that condition, he can’t still be at that UTH. I think FAZ is hoping redeem themselves at funeral.
      I hope Kalusha and Katumbi get involved to save the young man.

    • But ba LT naimwe you were sleeping. Your rivals had this story yesterday while you were busy chasing HH in Konkola. Ati tulo!

    • @Mary, Some said so but others said he was injured. One of them carried two stories: that he was dead but later they had another story refuting the death

  1. This is so sad. RATSA needs to enhance road safety by changes in traffic rules such as use of headlights to increase visibility of on-coming traffic on national roads at all times including day time. I dont know what time this tragedy took place, but i’m usually amazed at how few vehicles use lights at dawn/dusk, during rains and when there’s cloud cover. This could help reduce accidents as visibility of oncoming traffic improves. And please get delivery motorcyclists to do the same AT ALL TIMES EVERYWHERE.

    • YES Steve you have a point. Here in Europe we use dim lights during day time making it easier to see oncoming traffic even when the visibility is POOR, FOG etc
      Why the Bez was unregistered although it looks like a seasonal Car?


  2. The ZP statement shows that they’re still using the curriculum development under the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland to train the officers. It’s not a good description to always state that the car was driving from South to North when there are features that can better describe that. Why not say the Benz was driving towards Shimabala or Lusaka?

    • And normally a deceased person’s name is not released until relatives have been informed, they shouldn’t know through the media. Hope that was the case here. Also, just where does the Great East Road start if not from Lusaka northwards? Calling the Lusaka-Kafue Road as “Great North Road” is as awkward as calling the Lusaka-Mumbwa road “Great East Road”.

    • @Good zambia
      The legacy of John cecil rhodes my brother
      All north from cape to cairo, one aliance few would wish to relinquish to sustain their colonialist cravings and nostalgia

    • Where Cairo Road ends is the beginning of Great North Road; i.e from Kabwe roundabout towards the Copperbelt. Great East Road starts at the same roundabout but towards UNZA, Chongwe etc. Southwards from the Kafue roundabout Cairo Road becomes Kafue Road. It looks like this accident was on Kafue Road not on GNR as this report is saying.

  3. Let us be honest. In Zambia one can easily buy a driving license without even visiting the driving school. 85% of Zambian drivers have never been to driving schools and do not understand roal traffic rules. I once appealed to the goevernment to pass a degree of forcing every Zambia to surrender their driving licenses. And introduce a strict law of following driving lessons under goevernment guidance.

  4. That road is a death trap in a number of ways. We missed an opportunity when PF redeveloped to make it a dual-carriage way. It is way too busy to be like that. Poor road infrastructure is one of the leading causes on RTAs in developing countries.

    However, i would pray for Rainford’s quick recovery. He gave a lot to our football. Do not over judge him. May the soul of the departed rest in peace

  5. @Ayatollah No,it is not the ZP to blame but the journalists. They are too lazy to report so they lift the police statement and publish it word for word. They will naively report even car registration plates which are not neccessary for the reader.
    The ZP are using technical language to assist in their own operations or investigations. Its up to the reporter, who ought to be trained, to convert that into everyday language for the man in the street.

  6. Very sad news…! Quick recovery Rainford, you’ve contributed so much to the country. Zambian roads are a death trap, unfortunately we have very incompetent politicians and institutions who have failed to come up with commonsense ideas to reduce the rate of accidents.

  7. Very sad indeed .Tragic loss of a young life. Don’t judge Luke 6:37,may her soul rest in peace.Wishing Rainford a speedy recovery.

  8. Comment:ba semba,GOD is with you.we are still togerther in this world nothing will happed to you im GODS NAME AMEN.

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