Monday, May 20, 2024

Government Commissions K6.9 Million Civic Centre in Manyinga


The inauguration of the newly constructed K6.9 million civic centre and two high-cost houses in Manyinga District highlights the UPND government’s steadfast commitment to advancing infrastructure development and improving service delivery. Minister of Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development, Charles Milupi, emphasized the government’s pledge to leave no community behind in its pursuit of essential infrastructure projects nationwide.

Addressing attendees at the commissioning ceremony, Minister Milupi reiterated the government’s dedication to ensuring that no community is left behind in its efforts to deliver essential infrastructure development projects across the country.

“The construction of this infrastructure underscores the profound respect the government has for public workers; they are the backbone of the community we serve,” remarked Minister Milupi, emphasizing the importance of providing conducive working environments to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of council workers.

Minister Milupi highlighted that the newly constructed civic centre will not only provide a modern workspace for council workers but will also significantly improve service delivery to the people of Manyinga, empowering the council to offer quality services and enhance the lives of constituents.

He further outlined the government’s comprehensive vision for Manyinga, which includes plans for additional infrastructure development projects such as the construction of a single-story administration block, a post office, ten medium-cost houses, and a police station, among others.

Commending Toshiber General Contractors Limited for their unwavering dedication to completing the project, Minister Milupi praised their professionalism and reliability, stating that they have set a standard for excellence in the construction industry.

Provincial Minister and area Member of Parliament, Robert Lihefu, expressed gratitude on behalf of the people of Manyinga and Northwestern Province, acknowledging the significance of the new facility in fulfilling the developmental aspirations of the community.

Manyinga Town Council Chairperson, Henry Sakuwaha, attributed the successful completion of the civic centre to the commitment of the United Party for National Development (UPND) government to delivering meaningful development to rural areas. He emphasized the importance of the facility in addressing longstanding challenges faced by the local authority staff.

District Commissioner Brenda Mukwakwa echoed similar sentiments, commending the UPND government’s commitment to improving service delivery and acknowledging President Hakainde Hichilema’s dedication to development initiatives.

In his remarks, Kelvin Simukoko, Director of Toshiber General Contractors Limited, expressed gratitude to the UPND government for providing timely funding, which enabled the successful completion of the projects. He highlighted the challenges faced under previous administrations and praised the current government’s proactive approach in facilitating project completion.


    • Just fulfiling the PF stratergic plan. This was well thought out blue print. we are happy that the UPND govt is moving with it. Well done UPND and Mr HICHILEMA.

  1. The quality and style of these structures being commissioned nowadays leaves much to be desired. They cannot be compared to the modern structures the previous govt built. Truth be told!!!! The ones we are seeing commissioned are so colonial outdated and tells much about the now Zambia.. shame the country has gone way backward again.

    • Just look at that building. The landscaping is half-done so all the dust will be blown inside and also brought indoors by us pedestrians. And given the fact that public servants in Zambia dont like working it wont be cleaned will be a slum. Take note reporters and give us a picture of this building on the same date every year

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