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Chief Chibwika is seriously harming the interests of his own people and the Country


Press release of ZCCM-IH Minority Shareholders

1. Background

In our press release of 10 November 2023 Appendix 1, we raised questions about the long closure of the Kasenseli gold mine. They followed strange and totally unfair accusations against ZCCM-IH, the withdrawal of a so-called social licence by Mines Minister Kabuswe that does not exist in any other Zambian mine, recurring rumours of illegal gold mining inside and outside the perimeter of the ZCCM-IH concession, the initial objective given to ZCCM-IH of supporting the kwacha with the exploitation of Zambian gold,…

2. Surreal deadlines

On 23 october 2021, Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe has suspended operations and said “What I can tell you is that the new dawn government always has the best interest of the nation and workers at heart. This is not a decision that will take forever. We have given ourselves maybe within a month to be able to resolve all the issues” (Appendix 2). Two and a half years later, the mine is still closed. The Minister recently announced that it would reopen at the end of February 2024. Now on social networks, a new deadline is given for the end of June 2024 with endless discussions with Chief Chibwika, who is described as “ greedy ”.

3. The poor people of Mwinilunga urge reopening

On 6 April 2023, Mwinilunga town Council Chairperson Jonathan Chinyimba has called upon President Hakainde Hichilema to quickly push up reopening of Kasenseli Gold mine. He said the delay has caused the people of Mwinilunga to remain in poverty, and
remain without employment as youths are crying day and night. (Appendix 3)

4. The situation has gone on long enough: Chief Chibwika is irresponsible, selfish and greedy We are aware of the customary rules between the Chiefs and the Zambian government. However, we are flabbergasted by the posture and actions of irresponsible Chief Chibwika who is seriously damaging the interests of his community, who has absolutely no consideration or care for the poor people of his Chiefdom, or for the interests of the country, when the GRZ is struggling to try to stem the collapse of the kwacha and improve the living conditions of the zambian poor people.

This is why we request the GRZ to intervene as soon as possible to finally reopen the Kasenseli mine despite the shady prevarication and current attitude of Chief Chibwika. His status as Chief is now totally discredited and undermined by his irresponsible,selfish and greedy behaviour and by his actions, which are contrary to the interests of his own Subjects and of the Country.

Issued by:
Spokesperson of Minority Shareholders of ZCCM-IH
17 April 2024, FRANCE.


  1. It’s folly for Thierry to accuse Chief Chibwika in this manner without stating details about the Chief’s actions. Chiefs don’t issue mining licenses and neither do they close mines. Tell us what exactly the Chief has done for us to understand your grievance or your group should find a spokesperson that is able to explain properly

    • What does Thierry Charles seek to achieve by bringing a matter like this to social media? As a ZCCM-IH shareholder, he has a channel through which to make known his views on issues concerning his company. What has happened to that channel?

    • I cannot help you if you can’t read between the lines. Ask the chief if you want to know why he s blocking the reopening of the mine when his subjects want it.

  2. Typical of imperialist mentality. No respect for African royals but their own. This chap cannot insult Charles or other royals in Europe in this manner. If his so-called minority shareholders are not happy with our royals’ handling of our natural endowment, let them f*** off! Who cares? Leave us to deal with our natural endowment in the manner we deem fit. This is our wealth, not yours! OK!

    • So you prefer that one chef enjoy the money that can benefit instead to the zambians to pay hospital, teachers or other social aspects?

  3. He’s the chief and naturally he’s the custodian of the wealth that lies in his kingdom. The mining license was acquired by the community for the benefit of the people in Chibwika.

  4. …….

    There is nothing wrong with the chief wanting his subjects to be beneficiary’s of the gold under their feet…………

    The area has been swamped by illigals

  5. And how can we allow this person with a foreign to insult our Chief. I hope the so-called Prince Kapinga will come out against as he does against our opposition leaders.

  6. I shudder to think about how many times those egyptian gold traders and their chartered aeroplane landed at KKIA and how many kilograms of kasenseli gold they transported back to wherever. I can’t wait for a change of govt so that we can know more about how many times that bombardier landed and parked in the VVIP section of the airport.

  7. Bwana Minority shareholder the opening of the mine is for your intrests and not intrest of the locals. stop lying.

  8. This Thiery imperialist chap must show cause why he should not be deported from Zambia for brining the name of his Imperial Majesty Chief Chibwika into disrepute! And the gaul, what gives this self-entitled great grand son of the genocidal King Leopold II of Belgium the right to publish such lies without any proof? HH is condoning these fools too much.

  9. Why in the first are we giving Gold mining licenses to these colonizers who pretend to fighting on behalf of the poor Zambian people, when we know fully well that Westerners are ALWAYS looking out for their own interests? Obviously there is a reason why the chief had the Gold mine closed. Maybe he saw that it wasn’t benefiting his people, and instead was benefiting only foreign “investors” who feel entitled to African mineral resources. If you don’t like what the chief and the Zambian government did, just take your investment money and leave. Time for exploiting African resources with impunity is OVER.

  10. Baseless accusations. Wudi nakukalanyi Thierry Charles?
    Obviously, your demands are not sitting well with Chief Chibwika.
    The Chief wants the best for his people and Chiefdom…


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