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Zambians Should Benefit From Forfeited Properties


The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) of Zambia has emphasized that the public should benefit from properties forfeited due to dubious acquisition, a sentiment echoed by Deputy State Chief Advocate Margaret Chitundu.

During an inspection of forfeited properties in Lusaka’s State Lodge area, valued at over K9 million , Chitundu led a team comprising officers from the NPA and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC). These properties belong to Chiyeso, the daughter of former President Edgar Lungu.

The forfeited properties consist of two farms featuring a high-cost house, four chicken runs, and three flats. Chitundu stated that these assets, now under state ownership, will serve the interests of Zambians. They will either be rented out or repurposed as rehabilitation centers for the DEC.

Chali Mbewe-Hambayi, the NPA’s Public Relations Officer, affirmed the institutions’ dedication to combating financial crimes. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that individuals involved in criminal activities do not profit from their illicit actions.

In a judgment delivered, the court was on firm ground that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had successfully made out its case for non-conviction-based forfeiture of tainted property.

According to the investigations, it was revealed that the Account belonging to Ms Chiyeso Lungu had no significant transactions from the time it was opened until around mid-2018 when it started being used as a salary account as shown in the Bank Statement exhibited during court proceedings.

These assets, acquired through illicit means, will now be fortified by the state as part of the efforts to dismantle criminal networks and ensure justice is served.

The forfeiture of Chiyeso Lungu’s properties underscores the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies and the justice system to combatting money laundering and holding perpetrators accountable. This action sends a clear message that illegal activities will not be tolerated, and those who engage in criminal behavior will face severe consequences.

NPA commended the diligent work of the investigators and prosecutors involved in this case, whose dedication and perseverance have led to this significant milestone in the fight against crime. Their efforts reflect the tireless pursuit of justice and the protection of our communities from harm.

The public was urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals involved in financial crimes.

Forfeited properties that belonged to former President Lungu’s daughter
Forfeited properties that belonged to former President Lungu’s daughter


  1. I used to defend Edgar. I thought he only involved one daughter, kalya ka MP who is in wrong marriage. So he even involved those other (step) children?
    When Edgar was an alcoholic minister, his children where destitute, and looked humble. Seeing pictures and reading story, make sad to call Ba Edgar ati CHIPUBA sana. Is it because of wife? How can be so styupid to let his children build houses like that?

  2. Just auction. We all know what happens to such infrastructure when it is owned by government. It will become derelict and wasted. Look what is happening to the Chinese built stadiums. And you think these unfinished structures in the Bush can survive. Problem is cultural. There is no
    Word which means MAINTENANCE in any of our local languages. Even when zambia was relatively rich. In the 1970s government building suffered neglect.

    • Some thing needs to be done with this cultural problem of having no equivalent word for maintenance in our languages……….

      GRZ needs to step in and introduce the meaning of maintenance into our schools cariculum………

      That’s why a Zambian does not know that marchines or buildings need maintenance…….

      They would drive a car untill you hear metal grinding against metal……….

    • On the contrary, we have already developed phrases like nicha boma (Nyanja), fyabuteko (Bemba) Jafulumende (Tonga/ sorry if I have got the prefix wrong). These phrases are used when we are in destruction mode. These phrases has been developed without any curriculum R&D. My take is that teaching of responsibility must start from our homes, our churches. See how much damage classroom based churches cause to school infrastructure. The education ministry had to ban congregating in classrooms. We need to change . We have to ask ourselves what the churches are teaching if the congregants can be so destructive!!.

  3. If the evidence is there to prove that they were built through illegal means.. just auction them. I know there are hyenas in the current regime salivating to own these properties, politicians are the most short-sighted pipo i have ever seen, they get so drunk with power that they forget about repercussions tomorrow when they are out of power. You will find out that the current fat cats are also doing the same like their old cats but the current one maybe more sly & subtle. Politicians awe kwena & the public is so naive

  4. You fail to do that to foreigners who have been stealing your resources on the mines but you ill treat your own citizens mwefipuba you people with clogged brains

  5. Grz has no business going into the leasing business. The properties are proceeds of crime so the best would be to either sale them off and channelled the money to control 99 or convert it into a research centre to investigate criminal thinking such as was exhibited by the owners

    • Thumbs-down is not an argument. Edgar Lungu knows that the state has a record of his earnings as head of state. He knows that it doesn’t add up to what he transferred to his wife and children.

  6. When are we going to be told the net worthy of Hakainde who was involved in the privatisation of Zambian state assets? So Milingo Lungu did not hand over $24 m he just forfeited what he should have earned as a liquidate? But we are happy to pay foreigners $45 m for their services. God help Africans.

  7. Milingo was not a liquidator but a monkey in a maize field. What did he liquidate? Liquidation is undertaken by accountants not lawyers.

  8. Esther teh star manyumba balanda…daliso alinso mah motorcar balanda….tasila asila manyumba balanda…chiyeso ayesa manyumba balanda…

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