Tuesday, May 28, 2024

5000 Condoms Distributed At CBU After Rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections


In a bid to address the rising prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among students, the Copperbelt University (CBU) main campus in Kitwe has been distributing over 5,000 condoms every month. This initiative comes as the university grapples with a student population of approximately 15,000.

According to Charity Kaziya, the Acting Head of Public Health at CBU, the condom distribution program aims to tackle the alarming rates of STIs prevalent among students. Kaziya emphasized that the distribution is facilitated by a team of 50 trained peer educators, ensuring accessibility for all students.

Kaziya further explained that the university has observed a notable uptick in sexual activities among students, prompting the establishment of a youth-friendly corner within the public health office. This dedicated space will provide students with essential information on sexual and reproductive health, fostering a supportive environment for addressing related concerns.

Additionally, the CBU Public Health Department has identified a concerning trend regarding the misuse of emergency contraceptives, commonly referred to as morning-after pills, among students. Matildah Lukwesa, a CBU Midwife, highlighted this issue, stating that the university is actively undertaking door-to-door family planning services to combat the misuse of emergency contraceptives.

The proactive measures undertaken by CBU are meant to promote the health and well-being of its student body. By offering comprehensive sexual health services and education, CBU aims to empower students to make informed decisions and prioritize their health.


  1. This is Half-baked reporting. “A misuse” and you leave it at that! Explain how they are being misused. Are they being used for abortions? For drinking at a party? For mixing with viagra? Ba Editor you have no respect for your audience because you pass rubbish for us to read not bothering about quality

    • How many lecturers are there? And how many non academic staff ? I am sure 5000 includes Lecturers and non academic staff.

    • Send some to Eastern province. There was a report that 32000 Teenagers have bn impreganated this year alone.

  2. I shudder to think that an educated person can have unprotected sex in this age.It is abvious that individuals had multiple partners at that jungle.,,And the lost hours of learning due to irresponsibility. Behaviors more like a shanty compound than a higher intuition of leaning.
    And you Public Relations personnel.Its not everything that you must always publicize. You have a university reputation to serve and protect

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