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Vehicle Burnt to Ashes at Chipanga Market in Chikankata District


burning car at chikankata
On lookers witness the burning vehicle at Chipanga Market in Chikankata District

A Toyota Wish with registration number BAF 1671 was engulfed in flames and reduced to ashes on Monday afternoon around 14:00hrs while undergoing welding at Chipanga Market in Chikankata District.

Maxwell Chiputa, the proprietor of the workshop where the incident occurred, revealed that the vehicle caught fire during welding work being conducted by a mechanic. According to Chiputa, it is suspected that sparks from the welding process came into contact with a fuel tank, which was apparently leaking.

In an interview with Salvation Army Radio, Chiputa expressed his dismay over the unfortunate incident. The owner of the workshop lamented the loss, stating that the vehicle belonged to an individual from Kafue whose identity remains undisclosed. Understandably distraught, the owner was unable to provide any comments as he witnessed his vehicle being consumed by the fire.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with welding activities, particularly when working near flammable materials such as fuel tanks.

Efforts to contain the fire and prevent any further damage were reportedly undertaken swiftly by bystanders and nearby residents. However, despite their efforts, the vehicle was ultimately destroyed beyond repair.

As investigations into the cause of the fire continue, Chiputa emphasized the need for heightened safety measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The incident serves as a cautionary tale for both workshop owners and vehicle owners regarding the importance of adhering to safety protocols during welding and maintenance activities.


  1. Life is not a straight and smooth roads. Things happen. Thankfully there was no harm to life. That being said, I wonder how this issue will be resolved. Will the owner of the car have to sue the mechanic in court?

  2. In Zambia and all African countries we don’t have any Emmergency Responders apart from South Africa….if you look accident scenes in Zambia all you see is people taking videos…no fire fighterers…Ambulances etc…Police just rush to the scene so that they can steal from the dead…and Tiktokers rush to the scene so that they can make content…whilst someone is bleeding to death

  3. There should be no ‘Chikankata District’, that was all under Mazabuka District under KK. Chikankta District is a product of PF utopia. The government buildings that they tried to construct af the ‘BOMA’ for Chikankata District are now police offices. That dream is dead, time to return all of us to Mazabuka district where we belong.

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