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Security Forces Urged Not To Compromise Standards


Deputy Army Commander and Chief of Staff, Major General, Geoffrey Zyeele has called on the training staff at the Kenneth Kaunda Peace Training Center not to compromise on quality and standard of training such as physical fitness for the officers on the United Nations peace keeping mission to the Central African Republic (CAR).

Speaking when he officially opened the Zambian Battalion (ZAMBATT )Ten, Pre- deployment training of 1,268 officers at the Kenneth Kaunda Peace Training Centre in Chongwe, Maj General Zyeele disclosed that the training will last for ten weeks with a farewell parade scheduled for 5th July.

Maj Gen Zyeele said that the training will cover both individual and unit training which will culminate into a command post exercise and a field training exercise.

He further stated that the training will also demand for the trainees to bring forth their conventional military warfare knowledge and skills needed for the successful performance of their duties in the mission area.

‘’May l also indicate that we shall transition from the female engagement training package to the United Nations engagement platoon package. The concept is similar except that the latter shall also include male peacekeepers,’’he said.

Mj General Zyeele has thanked the Zambia Army Headquarters command and its cooperating partners such as, the British High Commission and the United States whose collaborative effort will enhance the quality of training for the troops.
Speaking at the same event, Kenneth Kaunda Peace Training Centre Commandant, Brigadier General, Telekanko Banda urged the troops to approach the training with the seriousness it deserves as it will play a major role in the success of the mission abroad.

And British High Commission to Zambia Deputy Head of Mission, Urmar Awer, emphasized on the need for the troops on a mission to strive to save innocent citizens against hostile forces and also delivering medicines and other supplies.
Meanwhile, United States of America Assistant Defence Attache, Christopher Kimble, said the United Nations has been supporting ZAMBATT Pre -deployment training and many other training joint ventures since time immemorial.


  1. But they are always compromised to serve a current govt. This happens all the times, been around since the so called independence.

    • You do not know what you’re talking about. Who else is the military supposed to be answerable to? You want Raphael Nakacinda and Bowman Lusambo to also issue instructions to the military?

  2. Can journalists find time to school themselves in areas they are reporting on? in the military the term “officer” is not used carelessly like in the Police. The term “officer” refers to those who are commissioned, usually from the rank of Lieutenant to General. That is why there is a phrase, “officers and men”. Men means ordinary soldiers (or non-commissioned officers). No single country in the world can afford to train a battalion of officers only, for a specific mission; their numbers in any army are much smaller than the ordinary soldiers. There will be some officers in the mix of course, but the bulk of these 1268 troops will be “men” and not “officers”.

    Thank you.

    • You mean they will be “privates” Thats what unranked soldiers are called. Men is too chauvinistic as there are many female soldiers in armies.

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