Monday, May 20, 2024

Western Province Roads To Be Developed To Bituminous Standards


The National Assembly Committee on National Economy Trade and Labour matters says the road network in Western province has to be developed to bituminous standards.

Committee Chairperson, who is also Mwandi Constituency Member of Parliament in Western Province, Sibeso Sefulo said there is a correlation between good road network and economic development to the local people.

Ms Sefulo, who led the delegation of Members of Parliament in the committee, said this during a courtesy call on Western Province administration to give a briefing on their assignment in the region.

She said the committee intends to appreciate the impact of fiscal decentralization on the economy following the devolution of function to the local authority.

Ms Sefulo called for the need to develop roads, stating that some still need attention.

She stated that a good road network is vital in realizing development through the various empowerment programmes that the government is unfolding to the local people.

‘’We have been on these roads, so for us to see just the impact our roads have to be done because if we are empowering people and our farmers, they need to take their produce to other places where they can sell,” Ms Sefulo said.

She said the team will visit Mongu, Nkeyema and Senanga districts in the region.

“There has been a lot of development from the local authorities as regards to Constituency Development Fund and so many functions that have been devolved to the local people, so we want to appreciate and understand how the decentralization is impacting them,” she said.

And Western Province Minister, Kapelwa Mbangweta, who welcomed the committee, said he was delighted with the engagement, stating that it will allow the delegation to understand the details in the province.
Mr Mbangweta said he was hopeful that the delegation will raise pressure to see an improvement on the road network in the region.


  1. This is not a good idea. We need to create an iron and steel industry to produce rebar steal. We will use this rebar to create steel grids over which will pour concrete to create the road surface. Roads made like that would last 5 years in Zambia.

  2. Agree roads in sandy Western Province needs to be revamped and built as bitumen if we are to talk about development. Kalabo is the worst… need a road from Kalabo to Sikongo… all the way to Angola; Kalabo to Lukulu; Kalabo to Senenga; Kalabo to Lukona; Kalabo to Libonda; Kalabo to Sihole. If you could fix these roads, the people of these areas would be empowered and economic development would be jump-started.

  3. It is long overdue. Additionally, a good highway is needed from Kazungula to Solwezi. Then there would be no need for freight vehicles destined for the North Western Province to have to go to Lusaka and the Copperbelt first. Such a road would have add-on development along its route. Build that and you are assured of votes in future.

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