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FAZ Postpones AGM as Judge Malumani Upholds Injunction



In a press statement released today, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) announced the indefinite postponement of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) following a court ruling upholding an injunction against the association.

High Court Judge Greenwell Malumani declined FAZ’s application to discharge the injunction filed by non-members Damiano Mutale and journalist Mabvuto Phiri. Despite FAZ’s early appearance for the court hearing on Saturday, Judge Malumani upheld the injunction and scheduled an interpartes hearing for Thursday, May 2.

FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga expressed disappointment at the court’s decision but assured members that the association would communicate its next steps. He urged members to remain calm and assured them of ongoing updates throughout the process.

While the AGM delay has prompted concerns about potential consequences from FIFA, Kamanga stated that it was too early to speculate on immediate repercussions. FIFA had previously directed FAZ to proceed with the AGM as per constitutional requirements, but the court injunction halted these plans.

FIFA has given FAZ until April 30 to provide comprehensive information before making a decision on the Zambian crisis.

Below is the Full Press statament


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) wishes to inform its members and stakeholders that the planned Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been postponed indefinitely following a sustained court order.

High Court Judge Greenwell Malumani threw out the FAZ application to discharge the injunction filed by two non-members Damiano Mutale and journalist Mabvuto Phiri.

Judge Malumani had set Saturday 27the April, 2024, as the date for interparte hearing with the FAZ turning up for the court hearing early this morning.

After declining to discharge the ex-parte injunction , Judge Malumani set Thursday, May 2 as the date for interparte hearing (to hear arguements from the lawyers from both sides).

Meanwhile, FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga says the Association would communicate on the next step.
“The meeting was unable to takeoff due to the sustained injunction by the High Court. We had respectfully turned up at the court to apply for the discharge of the injunction but the court has declined our application and set a new date for interparte hearing which is Thursday,” says Kamanga.

“We advise our members to remain calm and pledge to keep them informed at all stages.”
Kamanga says it is too early to say if there will be immediate consequences from world soccer governing body FIFA.
On Friday, FIFA directed FAZ to hold its AGM as per constitutional requirements following a court order halting the AGM.
FIFA has given FAZ up to April 30 to furnish it with full information before a decision is reached on the Zambian crisis.

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Sydney Mungala


  1. This will have a very sad ending. FIFA does not tolerate outside interference. This Mutale should fight his battles within FAZ conferences not going to courts. But from reports it said he is not even a member of FAZ. So whenever is sponsoring him should just come out in the open and air his grienvances within FAZ. Why the cowardice?When Kamanga wrestled leadership from Kalusha, it was via FAZ conferences. Not courts. Clean game according to FIFA rules.

    • Not true the Spanish national football Association has been kicked out and government has taken over. FIFA has done nothing. It cant interfere

    • Not so interesting because there are criminals hiding behind FIFA and theres taxpayers’ money being played around with, Government should stop footing FAZ bills. We want our money to go to new schools, hospitals, roads, power stations not to Football! With sound management Football can support itself. It doesnt need the Ministry of sport to sponge on us, taxpayers. How come the football Associations in Europe dont get government money?

    • Kamanga and others were arrested by the ACC for money laundering. This was followed by a letter from the ministry of youth and sports which instructed the cancellation of the impending Faz AGM. Upon hearing that Zambia would be suspended if the government went a head with the above, someone from State House quickly authorized the holding of AGM. Then from the blues two cockroaches came out from the sewer and put in an injunction against the AGM being held. Kamanga appealed to another high court but the injunction was held. I hope you follow?

  2. Who wants to watch losers? Let FIFA do what they want to do. There is no football in Zambia anymore

  3. The wise thing government was supposed to do was to report the ” theft” to FIFA with proper details. Just like government can’t ban certain professionals but have to complain to the body to which that professional belongs…. after which appropriate action would be taken.

    • The theft has to be dealt with by local law enforcement. Its not FIFA money they stole. It was Zambian taxpayers money. It cant be reported to FIFA. If FIFA wants to interfere they should be giving FAZ money for such expenses. Uubomba mu FIFA talila mu GRZ.

  4. I fear for the Copper Queens Olympic spot, Damiano kwatako order.
    Where is the Minister of Sorts and the Presidents voice.
    We can’t afford sanctions as a nation

  5. FIFA must take judicial notice of these dynamics and get their heads out of the sand. Doggedly protecting football associations in the name of protecting football’s autonomy (from government) is extremely unwise. Surely, where FAs have run amok and are corrupt, respective governments have a right and indeed obligation to step in and remedy the situation.

    • FIFA cant take judicial notice of these dynamics because FIFA itself is inherently corrupt. Just check its history. The corruption needs to be stopped in FIFA but member nations dont seem to have an alternative so they had rather let the corruption go on than prosecute

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