Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Unity and Development at Forefront: President Hichilema Meets Muchinga Province Traditional Leaders


In a display of collaborative governance, President Hakainde Hichilema engaged in constructive dialogues with traditional leaders from Muchinga Province, emphasizing unity and development as core objectives for Zambia’s future.

The meetings, held in Chinsali and Nakonde District, saw the President alongside their Royal Highnesses, discussing pressing issues affecting the province and the nation at large. Chief among the concerns raised were the longstanding challenges of poor road networks and inadequate infrastructure plaguing Muchinga Province for over a decade.

Acknowledging the gravity of these issues, President Hichilema assured the traditional leaders of his administration’s commitment to addressing them. Emphasizing a departure from past failures, he pledged accountability for those responsible for misappropriation of public funds, urging cooperation from all stakeholders, including traditional leaders, in the fight against corruption.

“We will not dwell much in the past when it comes to delivering development,” stated President Hichilema, highlighting a forward-looking approach aimed at tangible progress and equitable development.

The President reaffirmed his dedication to working hand in hand with traditional leaders across the country to foster an environment conducive to growth and prosperity for all Zambians. He expressed gratitude to the Muchinga Province traditional leaders for their invaluable feedback and underscored the importance of collective efforts in nation-building.

“Zambia shall remain one, and no one will be allowed to divide us for political expediency,” asserted President Hichilema, reiterating the nation’s unity in diversity.

In Nakonde District, President Hichilema continued discussions with traditional leaders, emphasizing the significance of unity and collaboration in realizing Zambia’s developmental aspirations. He commended the leadership of Muchinga Province for their unwavering commitment to serving their communities and reiterated his administration’s dedication to fulfilling the needs of all Zambians.

President Hichilema’s engagements with traditional leaders reflect a commitment to inclusive governance and a shared vision for a prosperous Zambia.


  1. ………

    “….Chief among the concerns raised were the longstanding challenges of poor road networks and inadequate infrastructure plaguing Muchinga Province for over a decade….”

    Most zambia chiefs are illiterate or semi litrate……..

    Instead of calling for factories , they want roads and shopping malls in their fifdoms……….

    • Ba Spaka, NO ONE WILL PUT A FACTORY WHERE THERE IS NO RELIABLE,ENERGY AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE!! The Chiefs know what they are talking about. Some of these areas are very productive agriculturally but poor access to markets due to poor road network limits progress in the sector!

  2. You can understand why Chiefs need roads if you have been to Muyombe by road. You would wonder where some MPs direct their focus. Sad.

    • Alinuwila

      The roads are bad , but what would you rather have ……..

      A factory to create jobs or a road ……..?

      Roads don’t make factories while factories make roads from neccessaty………


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