Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dr. Chitalu Chilufya Emphasizes Health Implications of World Press Freedom Day Theme


Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, former Health Minister in the Patriotic Front Government, has underscored the health implications embedded within the theme of World Press Freedom Day 2024, “A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the face of environmental crisis.”

In a statement , Dr. Chilufya highlighted the interconnectedness between environmental issues and public health. He emphasized that phenomena such as air pollution, noise pollution, natural disasters, and man-made environmental degradation have profound effects on human well-being, necessitating urgent attention from both the media and policymakers.

“As journalists, it is imperative to recognize the link between environmental degradation and public health,” Dr. Chilufya stated. “Issues such as air pollution and unmanaged waste not only degrade our environment but also directly impact the health of our communities.”

Drawing from his medical background, Dr. Chilufya urged Zambian journalists to witness firsthand the effects of the environmental crisis on individuals by visiting medical facilities. He also encouraged them to conduct tours of the Zambian physical environment to observe the challenges posed by inadequate waste management and infrastructure development.

“Journalists play a crucial role in raising awareness about environmental health issues and holding authorities accountable for addressing them,” Dr. Chilufya remarked. “By incorporating the concept of ‘Health-in-all-policies,’ advocated by the World Health Organization, into their reporting, journalists can contribute to fostering sustainable solutions to the environmental crisis.”

World Press Freedom Day, celebrated annually on May 3rd, serves as a reminder of the fundamental principles of press freedom and the importance of a free and independent media in promoting transparency and accountability.


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