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Vice President Mutale Nalumango Says Governement Needs About K23.5 Billion To Address Drought


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has received a donation of K1 Million from Stanbic Bank Zambia aimed at addressing the drought situation that the country experienced.

ZANIS reports that speaking when she received the donation, Ms Nalumango disclosed that the government requires about K23.5 Billion to help the 6.6 million people who have been affected by drought.

Ms Nalumango acknowledged the donation as a crucial step in addressing the drought that has severely impacted 84 districts countrywide.

The Vice President emphasized the importance of shared responsibility, stating that such calamities should not be left to the government alone but that it is everyone’s responsibility.

“This generous contribution from Stanbic Bank demonstrates their awareness and commitment to mitigating the effects of low rainfall experienced across the country. The situation is so bad that no food was produced at all.” she said.
Ms Nalumango noted that the government is actively working to build resilience against such disasters, adding the involvement of the private sector and local organisations is crucial.

She pointed out that climate change is a global issue, affecting not just Zambia but also neighboring countries within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Ms Nalumango stated that while international organizations have pledged support, the local private sector must take a leading role in providing relief and fostering resilience.

“The donation from Stanbic Bank shows kindness, hope, and solidarity to communities in need. Residents affected by the drought are filled with fear and desperation, but contributions like these bring hope for food and water security,” she explained.

Ms Nalumango however noted with concern that the drought has taken a toll on key sectors such as energy and agriculture, leading to an increase in load-shedding hours.

She expressed the government’s commitment to promoting alternative energy sources like solar and gas to reduce dependency on hydroelectric power.

“The government is working tirelessly to find new ways of doing things to ensure resilience against future crises. Government is also aware of the current high cost of living and is working to bring it back to normal,”
Ms Nalumango further urged more entities within the private sector to come forward and assist in the national drought response efforts.

Meanwhile, Stanbic Bank Zambia Chief Executive Officer Mwindwa Siakalima commended the government for their timely declaration of drought as a national disaster. Mr Siakalima said the declaration allows for well-wishers to come in and lend support to cushion the challenges brought about by the drought. He stated that the bank is aware that the toll of the drought has continued to touch every aspect of life, threatening, livelihoods and food security.
Mr Siakalima added that the bank is supporting the measures that are being undertaken by the government which include investing in sustainable solutions.

“Recovery should not be about returning to the status quo, it is an opportunity to reimagine, rebuild and renew,” he said. Mr Siakalima noted that Stanbic Bank embarked on their own initiative in climate change mitigation efforts which include planting and nurturing 20,000 trees at the Zambezi Source in Northwestern Province.
“We are also promoting alternative livelihoods such as bee keeping so that people should reduce the number of trees,” Mr Siakalima said.

He added that financial institutions have also taken the lead in providing solar financing solutions to individuals and organisations by providing incentives such as the credit facilities among others.


  1. Madam VP, I have am ambitious plan to cope with future droughts. My plan is to build the moisture-retention properties of the soil. In so doing, crops can be grown with half of the normal rainfall. It entails ploughing stubble and vegetation back into the soil. For this, 10 small tractors will be needed in each district. Please give me a chance to implement this

  2. 6.6 Million ?????????
    all i am wanting to know how many cadres in that figure and who compiled those figures
    and they need 23.5 Billion ? someone please do the maths for me

  3. The mines where not affected by droughts. Why not just suspend the tax holidays you have given the white owned mines. From mine taxes k23.5bn can be raised in a month. If the begging mentality is coming from a VP what more will come from my uncle or grandmother in Bwengwa or Kaputa. I do no even under why we have been cursed with Nalumango as a nation. God have mercy on us.

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