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President Hichilema reaffirms Government’s Commitment in fighting Corruption


President Hakainde Hichilema has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fight corruption which he described as a cancer that retards economic development.

Speaking when he launched the National Policy on Anti-Corruption in Lusaka , Mr Hichilema said his government is poised to heighten the fight against corruption in order to achieve a corrupt free Zambia.

President Hichilema called on the Judiciary to speed up the disposal of corruption cases in order to send a strong warning to the perpetrators of the vice.

“This policy we are launching is part of our commitment to stamp out the vice, immediately we formed a government, we looked at the possible ways of how best we can fight corruption which has been affecting people for so long, so we changed some pieces of legislation,” he said.

President Hichilema added that due to his government’s strong commitment to stamp out corruption, he had engaged his Angolan counterpart on how he managed to recover stolen assets in that country.He explained that when he returned home he dispatched officers to Angola to learn the skill in the corruption fight.

President Hichilema further indicated that in his quest to address corruption and recovery of stolen assets, he has been engaging cooperating partners such the European Union, United Kingdom among others to work together to fight the vice.
He expressed happiness that the corruption fight ranking for Zambia is rising and impressive according to Transparency International Zambia (TIZ).

President Hichilema also called on the Judiciary to dispense justice and that there is no way that people who stole colossal sums of money and resources get lesser sentences while those who commit petty crimes are given stiffer penalties.

He urged ACC officers to investigate corruption cases professionally so that each time the case is referred to courts of law it can be won as opposed to the idea of losing them.

“Please take those cases to court which you know you will win, to do that you need to enhance your investigative skills in corruption cases and work with the Auditor General’s office and others, corruption breeds instability and injustice “he said.

President Hichilema explained that corruption has never been accepted in Zambia and should be condemned by all well-meaning citizens and that the launched national policy on Anti-corruption will help in addressing the vice.
He further appealed to everyone to be vigilant to report corruption cases and that everyone is a police man in the crusade to fight corruption.

Speaking at the same event, Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe observed that corruption not only deepens the suffering of the people, but weakens the moral fabric of society.Mr Haimbe explained that the launched anti-corruption policy will strengthen the fight against corruption in government institutions among others.

He stressed that the agenda of the current administration is to partner with various stakeholders to end corruption which disadvantages the majority of citizens , especially women and youths.

Meanwhile, Anti-Corruption Commission Director, Tom Shamakamba said corruption is a cancer which eats the moral fabric of the country and reiterated the commission’s dedication to stamp it out.

Mr Shamakamba praised the government and other stakeholders for their unwavering commitment to ensure that corruption is addressed in order to promote a corruption free society.He promised his institution’s determination to implement the launched national policy on anti-corruption in order to protect the government.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley said the United Kingdom is committed to help Zambia fight corruption and achieve a corrupt free Zambia.He explained that corruption retards social and economic development hence the support to Zambia by contributing the sum of K50 Million towards helping in stolen asset recovery.

The outgoing British Commissioner observed that the initiative is bearing fruit saying corruption undermines trust and that the fight is a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Head of the European (EU) delegation Ambassador Karolina Stasiak said supporting Zambia in the fight against corruption is one of the EU’s priority areas.

She has since pledged EU’s continued collaboration with Zambia in promoting good governance for the benefit of the people.


  1. Which Law are you using to pay Nervers Iscariot Mumba a salary when he’s a leader of a political party? One day this money will be recovered from the hypocrite. We now have a Judiciary that can’t pronounce itself on critical matters. It’s a shame that almost all institutions of governance have been compromised

  2. How is HH fighting corruption when he is paying all former Vice Presidents 80% of the VPs salary….this is insanity…so HH has a shadow Cabinet on Government payroll and we wonder why we are still poor as a country…..and rushing to the IMF begging for handouts….What HH is doing is pure corruption…..we thought Kavindele was a rich man but it turns out he is just a broke pompwe

  3. How to fight corruption. Think of what President Lungu would have done and then do the opposite. Ubomba mwibala.

  4. Magafuli turned around Tanzania, he did the right things, he was hands on and very tough on corruption. Our approach to corruption is through academic and preaching, it can never work. An example is south Africa, they’ve clearly failed. You need to fight fire with fire.

  5. If a question was asked to the rest of the world, what the main attribute associated with African way of doing business is, corruption would be top, by a country mile. Actually Africa and corruption seem to go hand in hand. It needn’t be so.

  6. One way corruption could be substantially reduced is by computerising the Government processes. That would enable greater traceability. They should try and minimise the use of physical flies and encourage the use of software files and records.

  7. To smuggle mukula logs or to enter into dubious consent judgements is mere theft but corruption is the sale of State assets to yourself through proxies

  8. That’s much better approach to target those who have no reason to queau up for anything let alone have any use to understand what patience is

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