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Government To Construct Over 50 Houses For The Aged


Government is earmarked to construct over 50 houses for the old aged vulnerable citizens under the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programme.

Ministry of Infrastructure Housing and Urban Development Principal Housing Development Officer David Thomson said the Ministry in collaboration with the Department of Community Development is working on a project to construct 50 houses for the old aged citizens under SCT programme.

Mr Thomson disclosed that the pilot project will be implemented in Kasempa, Kalumbila, Zambezi and Ikelengi districts.
He said with the help of Community Development, the aged household beneficiaries have been identified and construction will commence soon.

He added that the households will have proper hygiene and sanitation services and electricity will be installed.
“As a Ministry, our goal is to ensure we put up decent accommodation for the old aged vulnerable citizens to improve their stay. We will be piloting this project in four districts of North Western Province and these include Kalumbila 10, Kasempa 15, Zambezi 12 and Ikelengi 13,” Mr. Thomson said.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Community Development and Social Services Information Management Officer Linda Hagwanama said the project has been piloted in other provinces such as Eastern, Southern, Copperbelt, Western and now North Western Province.

Ms Hagwanama said the project demonstrates the new dawn administration’s vision of equitable distribution of resources to ensure fairness and justice within society.

She said government remains committed to improving the livelihood of the vulnerable citizens through various interventions such as the social safety nets and the construction of habitable accommodation for the old aged beneficiaries.

The initiative is aimed at providing decent and habitable accommodation that will improve their living conditions.


  1. Build Homes for the Aged like they have a Home for the Aged in Ndola. One 5 floor building can accommodate hundreds of old people instead of 1 house to a person. How much space and resources are you going to need to construct houses for all old people?? Poor planning even if its at pilot stage this is wasteful poor planning.

  2. Pool Planning indeed. Worse is the fact that the planners are well travelled and have seen how other countries look after the aged. They have communal shelters that can accommodate 100 plus individuals, amd staff houses for security, caregivers and health practitioner.

  3. I don’t trust these chaps, they have no swag at all in anything they do.. iam sure the houses will be old cheap fashioned ones. Have you seen the building they have done lately?.. old colonial ones. Bukamushi bubi sana, bu boya, bwafya sana!!!!! I guess you can’t turn a hyena into a dog.

  4. DESPERADO here kikikikiki. They are so desperate that they are running around to seem doing things… shame.. ZWA!!!!!! Abantu ati ALEBWELELAPO.. this makes them not to sleep. They are cursing through their teeth.

  5. Building 50 houses is way to much i agree with Mr. Lameck, a 3 story building or more can be well equipped to house more than hundred people in a home, so instead 50 houses we can have about 9 or less homes each province with one home of the aged shelter

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