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What is Lungu foretelling?


We know for a fact that former Edgar Lungu is definitely not a prophet. Being a prophet is a serious undertaking; it’s not as easy as walking into Soweto market, get yourself a nice double breasted-suit and pointed shoes from China and start preaching prosperity gospel to bored passengers on a long-distance bound bus in a hoarse voice.

Basically, to be a prophet, you have to speak and proclaim what you hear from God, instead of just promoting your own ideas. All in all, a prophet is a person who receives a divine message and speaks to other human beings on behalf of a deity.

Speaking to congregants Sunday at Danny Pule’s church where the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) had a meeting for special prayers, Lungu pronounced, “People are talking about 2026 elections, but am here to tell you that we may not even reach 2026 because we may deliver a baby before that time.”

Wait a minute…..what is Lungu foretelling? Is somebody going to die any time soon? Are we expecting a coup? Or perhaps, he and his cronies are plotting an uprising?

It’s such kind of excitement and utterances that landed our founding president Kenneth Kaunda in problems with President Chiluba in 1997. The police may need to take keen interest in what Lungu is saying and perhaps invite him for interviews.

Following the botched 1997 coup attempt by Col. Steven Lungu and his rag-tag army, a number of military personnel were rounded up and detained. The witch-hunt would soon be extended beyond the barracks and see influential figures such as Dean Mung’omba and Princess Nakatindi Wina taken in. Former President Kaunda who was outside the country at the time escaped the dragnet, as he was abroad on an extended visit, until he came back home for Christmas.

Chiluba justified the action insisting that Kaunda had been making predictions about the overthrow of government.

Since history has a tendency of repeating itself, doesn’t Lungu surely owe us an explanation about what he’s been saying?

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


    • Do not concentrate on Edgar Lungu. There’s a country that has to be governed properly by investigating crime, arresting the suspects, trying them in court and locking up in jail as has happened to Raphael Nakacinda.

    • Mr./Dr Bill Kaping’a! You deserve to be recognised for your contributions and, praised for questioning certain people with dangerous intentions. Mr./Dr Kaping’a keep on writing sensitive risky issues, which Lungu and his followers cherish and exploit, in order for them to gain and prolong social problems for innocent Zambians. Many of us have already noticed your hard work and, every article written by you makes sense and, they are based on reality. Your theses or arguments rest on hard facts, even though they also integrate truths which are associated with credible multiple social constructions. Unlike others, you Mr./Dr Kaping’a consistently expose Lungu’s corrupt and rotten minds which promote unwanted ideas. Viva UPND, viva HH

    • BaLusaka Times can you correct that caption, it is Sikota Sakiwba. Sikota Wina died at the UTH in Lusaka on 15 June 2022.
      Meanwhile, why is UKA allowing these two morally bankrupt individuals in the names of Edgar Lungu and Danny Pule to dent their effort. We know you need Lungu’s “kasaka kandalama,” but it will cost you dearly.

  1. ……….

    As former president, and domeone who supposedly went to university, lungu………

    Should know the consequences of carless talk……….especially

    In a nation that believes in witchcraft and other supernatural rubbish ,

    Anything is believed……

    He will have himself to blame……….

  2. Why do we like insinuating things? Both of you Kapin’ga and former head of state, you have an agenda but I don’t really know what your intentions are. Stop the rot. We are waiting for 2026 to make a decision which we are very good at as peaceful Zambians.

  3. ECL has failed to overcome the election loss he suffered in 2021, hence his careless utterances. He’s asking for trouble.

  4. Icikwanka bacimwena ku mampalanya, and mumbwe ukulila ninshi pali uko asntile amatako, impofu nga yatila ndekulasa ilibwe ninshi nainyanta palibwe Boss Lungu tame your mouth, you are not the messia of Zambia, you have done your part. You are lack you have have your immunity.

  5. This the problem with many of you Africans, you have a leader who failed miserably when he was in power, he loses power and all they seek to do is destabilise the country.
    In the case of Zambia the current leader is doing fantastic job putting in place actions to correct the past wrongs and once they are corrected take Zambia to a higher plane and now we have Lungu the architect the mess, speaking in riddles and code, call for a coup.
    President HH has the respect of the world, as for Lungu, well he is just seen as an incompetent backward nincompoop. (a retard).
    Zambians your moto should be “Forward Ever, Backward NEVER”
    With people like Lungu Africa will always be viewed as a basket case and at the bottom of the heap.

  6. there is a country to govern with a messed up economy.please can we concentrate on what we were put in office for instead of divieting concentration on ecl and lungu.its the zambian people vs the UPND gorvenance.

  7. there is a country to govern with a messed up economy.please can we concentrate on what we were put in office for instead of divieting concentration on ecl.its the zambian people vs the UPND gorvenance. what about the people who promised all those opposit things

  8. This Man knows how to de-campaign himself. That is way Bally won without having access to others provinces. He ate a snake one time with ma Commando in the bush, now he says he is a snake. Zambians we are scared of Ubuloshi, Bulozi, Nfiti…..kikiki. I see him throwing in the towel and endorsing Mmembe’ SP close to 2026.

  9. I am least concerned about Edgar, my concern is ZESCO, here in PHI/Mtendere zesco loadshedding today Monday was from 06hrs in the morning, but now this evening at 17hrs power is gone like all other days when we are supposed to have power. No power the whole day and now 19hrs power is not there again

    • This company should just close, we start using lantern lamps. Mtendere ZESCO power is a total night mare
      If ZESCO and its regulator were concerned about this daily Mtendere PHI issue, they could have said something by now. For 3 months people are complaining about the same issue, we have agreed to your loadshedding but why punish us out of loadshedding schedule and daily

  10. Can we for once stop talking about Lungu and address issues that affect the majority of us Zambians who are faced with a lot of economic challenges.
    ZESCO is changed from 8 to 12 hours loadshedding, do you know how many businesses have been affected Nationwide? Where’s the productivity of the Nation?
    Please stop following Lungu and attend to real issues on the ground.

  11. Mr excessive borrowing and default “Lungu” sees nothing wrong in his actions. Not even is wife or children can see how ridiculous his actions are. By the way he is an accidental president (Mr. Sata’s experiment) . He does not have what it takes. We Africans are our worst enemies. The sum total of his actions are taking our country backwards and more impoverished.

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