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President Hichilema expected in Kapiri Mposhi


President Hakainde Hichilema is expected in Kapiri Mposhi for a day’s working visit, during which he will commission construction of the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway.

Central Province Minister, Princess Kasune confirmed this, saying the President will land at Green Leaf near Manyumbi at around 09:30 in the morning where he will commission the construction works.

Ms. Kasune said the President will then visit Mulungushi University, where he will interact with local chiefs to learn how they are addressing the issue of the drought.

She added that President Hichilema will also interact with the business community, under the umbrella of Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

President Hichilema will end his tour with an interaction with students from both Mulungushi and Kwame Nkrumah Universities.
Meanwhile, Katuba Member of Parliament, Mwabashike Nkulukusa said the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway will enhance economic activities in his area.
Mr. Nkulukusa said farmers in his constituency will easily deliver their farm produce to the market due to the good road network.

He said the road expansion works have also created employment for people in his constituency.
Meanwhile, some residents at 13 miles area, which is one of the commissioning sites of the project, are happy that the road works are starting.
Makali roadside Market Chairperson Alex Kapikanya said the dual carriageway will enhance business for the people in the 13 miles area.


  1. This ceremony will be held by roadside of a very busy transit route and as usual traffic will be blocked without any alternative. In an ailing economy these disruptions aren’t necessary. They’re just a nuisance. There’s already traffic congestion on that route, couldn’t have he done on a less busy day like Sunday? Do these people care about the inconvenience they cause to others? They’re incorrigible!

  2. SIR If you dont handle the ZESCO issue immediately and change top management
    this country will be in serious financial trouble never seen before
    We can see the roads being built yet see zero happening at zesco

  3. He must complete the construction project before he is voted out by vote of no confidence or impeachment. This will be a platform for him to showcase his so-called wisdom..kikikikiki

  4. Ba LT why is no news outlet saying anything about the record high copper price? It’s all over world news, it’s over $10k. This should be good news for the country. How much extra money are we now making due to demand not seen since the 1970s? We should all be rich soon logically

  5. Wasn’t this road commissioned before in Lusaka? Or there are going to commission it in every town?

    • @ Deja Vu, Milupi launched the construction of the same road last August in Lusaka. That’s the time they did the stretch between Masala roundabout and Zesco transformer at Ndeke turnoff in Ndola. Now just because people censured him for commissioning unfinished toilets in Kwacha he’s moved to already commissioned projects. He likes wasting time much to the inconvenience of others. Can you imagine how much inconvenience travellers on that route will endure today? This man is a disaster worse than the 2010 tsunami

  6. My confidence is slipping
    This road will change very little except the time it takes between towns
    ZESCO will cripple this country !!
    FOR WHAT ????

  7. DESPERADO here kikikikiki. They are so desperate that they are running around to seem doing things… shame.. ZWA!!!!!! Abantu ati ALEBWELELAPO.. this makes them not to sleep. They are cursing through their teeth.

  8. Next headline: “President Hichilema expected to go to the loo to answer the call of nature“.
    Are you guys for real? This never ending fascination with the demigod us ridiculous. Why can’t you report on inspirational ordinary Zambians making meaningful, tangible changes? Inspire the next generations to be community service volunteers; engineers; doctors; farmers; teachers; etc. This is what is wrong with Africa… open up a BBC or CNN news outlets and see how many headlines you see about their prime minister or president in a month?

  9. Hakainde has indeed failed. He has been on a campaign trail even after being sworn in. Can someone tell him that he is now the head of state. He needs to be reminded that other than the incomplete toilets that he commissioned in the Copperbelt, there is no real or worthy project he has started. A head of state who does not know when to stop campaigning and do the real work is not worthy anything and the Zambian people must remove him from state house. We need an early election before this man makes Zambians to start eating grass

  10. Good that the commissioning has taken place, well done Mr President, however here in PHI/Mtendere, ZESCO power went at 6hrs in the morning today Tuesday, and switched on at 18hrs and by 18 15hrs it has gone again. This is a daily event here with no one at either ZESCO or ERB explaining. Mr President, we agreed to load shedding because of the drought situation but why do we have daily outages outside the loadshedding schedule with no one saying anything.

    • This ZESCO thing is a total nightmare. Go and see Kabangwe Zani muone areas, the Zesco ineptitude is just at another level, even daily sms broadcasts telling customers of maintenance works. Everyday, where on earth

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