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Hardship: The Hunger Is Too Much For Zambians


We urge Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his government to acknowledge the immense hardships currently facing the people and commit towards guaranteeing a practical economic recovery plan, which will significantly improve the standard of living.

We say this because life for the majority of our people is getting extremely desperate. There is no doubt that every new day is presenting fresh and unbearable challenges for the great majority of our people. Lately, the local news on various media platforms is never short of stories about price adjustments. It’s one price increment after another! That is how our people are getting by, but the question is: for how long?

Fuel is unreasonably high, food prices are skyrocketing, loadshedding is at its peak – 12 hours per day, mealie meal is scarce and unfordable for many, water rationing has begun, employee’s salaries are being wiped out by the economic meltdown, and many other challenges. The country is collapsing in our faces. Where is the leadership of Mr Hichilema? Where are the “brilliant ideas” they had before being elected into office? What has happened to the promises Mr Hichilema made?

Mr Hichilema and his government must realise that the honeymoon is over! The boasting and self-praise cannot get the people out of these hardships. It’s time to work. Let him fix the economy, as he had promised, and ease the burden of misery and squalor amongst the people. He needs to fix the cost of living, high fuel and food prices, loadshedding, water rationing and shortages, poor salaries for workers, and many other problems facing the people.

Let him stop running away from the real issues – fixing the economy and fulfilling the promises he made to the people. Let him show commitment to the economic survival of the country and the people. The people are eager to see a president who will make Zambia better and more affordable prices for all. And not a president whose preoccupation is to make things worse. People have suffered enough, and they don’t want a president or government that is an impediment to improved standard of living.

We call upon Mr Hichilema and his government to urgently attend to the many challenges facing the country and create an all-inclusive, fair, and equitable system of governance, which will benefit all Zambians. There is a need for them to restructure the country’s finances to match its priorities and boost the purchasing power of the population, especially the vulnerable to guarantee a trickle- down effect of prosperity.

Life has become unreasonably high and unfair. We urge Mr Hichilema to disengage from the self-serving and posturing leadership he is in, which is premised on self-preservation and self-aggrandizement. These retrogressive traits need to be halted lest we end up worse than we are today.
Enough of the suffering.

By Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. That’s what happens when you put charlatans in power, they do NOT give a hoot whether pipo moan. They are always out of touch of what is happening on the grassroots

    • We also know how gains made by LPM, Rupia and MMD where eroded by a man call King Cobra and his small snakes that he brought with him.

  2. i think it’s the failure in rains. had it rained well everyone would have food by now! People respond to the call for growing more food. hope this year it shall rain well. otherwise, we are struggling.

  3. There is no government in the world that guarantees it’s citizens free handouts and free food. Just work hard and get a life.

  4. Politicians don’t work for the people…they work for themselves….just find a way to hustle without depending on Politicians….i work 4 jobs and i don’t really care whether Biden or Trump is power…

  5. M’membe dear fellow, words are cheap.
    Yes there is a potential food shortage, but why? There is a drought, that means the rains did not come.
    M’membe, let me tell you this, no government in the world has a rain factory. Do you know that?
    You then mentioned fuel prices, the last time I checked Zambia was not an oil producer, so therefore have to pay the market price for fuel. M’membe have you discovered a secret oil source in Zambia, that could potentially make fuel cheaper?
    Unlike past governments, the government has strategies in place for all the ills that Zambia is facing and the strategies are working.
    You criticise but offer no alternative solutions. Why? Because you got NONE.

  6. Only in Zambia have I seen citizens calling on politicians to pit food in people’s mouths.

  7. In the seventies when I used to swim in food, there was hunger in Zambia and hung hunger in some families. There has always been hunger in Zambia. Whilst the country and citizens got potential to be great in a lot, laziness, tulyemo stuffs has killed their minds. Don’t wait for Politician to put food in your mouth.

  8. Just because lazy people in urban areas are complaining does not in any mean there is hunger or hardship in Zambia.
    Rural dwellers grow their own food, use wood for energy and bicycles for transportation.
    According to the 2022 census results ,the rural areas had more people at 11,806,989 compared with the urban areas at 7,886,434.
    Even rural dwellers count and are equally citizens of Zambia.

  9. There is really no wisdom for anyone to cite the socioeconomic ills facing the majority of Zambians without suggesting viable solutions to such problems. We already know the kinds of problems the typical Zambian family faces daily; but what are solutions, Bwana M’membe? If you cannot suggest workable solutions to solve the problems, save us from your narration of what we already know.

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