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Presidential Advisor on Health Cautions Pharmacists


Special Advisor to the President on Health, Roma Chilengi, has cautioned pharmacists in public health institutions against using shortcuts to amass wealth through the theft of medicines.

Prof. Chilengi stated that the theft of medicines continues to be a major challenge to the provision of quality healthcare services across the country. Prof. Chilengi made these remarks during the Antimicrobial Stewardship Review Meeting in Kabwe, which aimed to raise awareness about the problem of antimicrobial resistance.

He emphasized that the government is spending huge sums of money on the procurement of drugs in its quest to enhance the provision of quality healthcare services in public health institutions. Prof. Chilengi further called for accountability in the management of medicines by those entrusted with the responsibility to monitor the distribution of drugs.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Kennedy Lishimpi, disclosed that the prescription and administration of drugs that kill or slow the spread of microorganisms, known as antimicrobials in medical terms, are causing drug resistance.

Dr. Lishimpi said Zambia is losing many lives due to this health challenge, which has a higher death rate compared to HIV/AIDS and malaria in Zambia and other developing countries.

Additionally, Ministry of Health Chief Pharmacist, Kandandu Chibosha, noted that it is not worth it for any health worker to lose a job in the public service over the theft of drugs. Mr. Chibosha said pharmacists have an obligation to ensure all drugs under their jurisdiction are used for the benefit of citizens across the country.

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