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Minister of Home Affairs Confirms Petauke MP Banda in Stable Condition


The Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwiimbu, has announced that Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda is stable, able to speak, and has no serious physical injuries following his recent abduction.

In a press briefing this morning, Mr. Mwiimbu revealed that Mr. Banda was found in Kafue by the Zambia Police, with assistance from members of the public, after a public plea was made yesterday. For his safety, Mr. Banda has been moved from a private health facility to Maina Soko Military Hospital.

“I want to inform the nation that our colleague is in a safe environment until we thoroughly investigate the matter. We need to protect him; we do not know who is responsible for the abduction. I would like to assure the family that we will ensure the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to book. It is in the interest of the nation and the family to know who is behind this criminal activity,” said Mr. Mwiimbu.

The minister called on Mr. Banda’s family to cooperate with law enforcement agencies as they work to identify and apprehend those responsible for the abduction.

“It is in their interest to ensure that their brother or uncle is in a safe environment. Maina Soko Military Hospital is a safe and secure environment, and the medical personnel there are very professional. I would like to appeal to the public not to be misled by malicious reports being circulated; no harm will occur to our colleague. We have worked throughout the night to ensure that he is safe. We shall investigate the matter and the nation will be informed of the outcome. We have nothing to hide, as it is in our interest to ensure that the truth is established. I would like to call on the public not to be swayed by politicians and not to do anything inimical to the people of Zambia. Let’s not allow people to make hate speech or tribal remarks,” Mr. Mwiimbu said.

The government’s commitment to ensuring Mr. Banda’s safety and bringing the culprits to justice remains steadfast, with ongoing investigations aimed at uncovering the truth behind the abduction.


    • This is disappointing because I was very ready to watch n@ked women led by Saboi matching in protest.

    • Very poor reporting. The story should have begun with the revelation by Mr. Mwiimbu that “Mr. Banda was found in Kafue by the Zambia Police, with assistance from members of the public. This after a public plea was made. How did the public plea help police? Reporter needs to explain how members of the public may have tipped police of Banda’s whereabouts-in a hospital? or at a Kidnapper’s home? Was he injured? If not whats the “stable condition” about?
      And who do you attribute the conclusive statement to namely ‘The government’s commitment to ensuring Mr. Banda’s safety and bringing the culprits to justice remains steadfast, with ongoing investigations aimed at uncovering the truth behind the abduction’ Is that the reporter’s opinion or Mwimbu’s?

    • You are in next faze of your PF lies now. Paint a picture of a southerners as tribalists. You keep sticking to a script that failed you in 2021.

  1. The Question is… ” What happened to Jay Jay ? Just look at the face of this guy.. full of evil, no regard for life nothing at all. These guy can skin you alive, the worst thing to do is to put evil pipo in power….. Zambians what did you do by voting these chaps mwebantu sure really? As far as they are concerned they had nothing to do with it..nothing. Guess you can NEVER turn a hyena into a dog.

    • Have some respect for your elders. Jack Mwiimbu is one of the few people that have acted professionally in the course of these events. Crime always has bad side effects and one can accuse innocent people due to lack of information. Lets focus on finding the criminals

    • The JJ issue is an act. Edgar Lungu is desperate to paint the narrative of political oppression. JJ was not abducted by anyone but Edgar Lungu.

  2. Let’s all be Patriotic….Politics shouldn’t divide our country….Am Zambian by birth but i have lived in the Western World my entire adult life..i just want a peaceful and prosperous Zambia…..soon i will be working with the Ministry of Tourism( I will render my services and time for free…the Ministry of Tourism won’t be paying me)….
    Let’s develop Zambia and for those in the diaspora please use the knowledge you’ve acquired in the Diaspora to help develop Zambia…..NO MORE POLITICS ….ZAMBIA IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS

    • The problem like president Ruto of Kenya put it is that get elected in order to be reelected. The entire time is spent fighting the opposition. Time will be when a ruling party holds no grudges against the opposition and vice versa…..they will share ideas cordially and develop the country.

  3. @ Deja Ju
    If HH is spending his time cat fighting with opposition then Zambians should vote him out of office….and also the opposition shouldn’t dare the government…so its a joint responsibility…..HH should stop using words like ” Mingalato”….and Lungu should stop using words like ” am a snake”…..
    The Problem with our African leaders is that they’re sponsored by the West or East….depending on whatever interests they have…
    HH whilst in opposition disrespected the Office of the President and Lungu also should stop disrespecting the office of President….THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT IS FOR ALL ZAMBIAN PEOPLE…ALL ZAMBIANS

  4. @ Blago
    Self Abduction…yes…and in the USA if you fake your Abduction then you can be charged and sent to jail because you wasted tax payers money for the Police to search for you…J Banda wasn’t Abducted by anyone…Lungu is the one who organized this nonsense….am not UPND but am disappointed with both HH and Lungu

  5. Next time PF want to stage an abduction they should get some good script writers.This was very amateurish and easy to see through! Haven’t you guys ever watched James Bond? come on! Do better. Give us better entertainment.

    • Kikikikikiki! From Russia with Love, Casino Royale, Dr No, Diamonds are Forever, There’s just so much to choose from. Even Shaft in Africa or Shaft’s big Score would have been enough breast milk for a scriptsucking PF.

  6. A womanizing & violent polygamist politician who has physically assaulted people, urinating in peoples’ mouths & obviously has a lot of enemies goes missing & everyone is worried.

    Then some bored drunkard politician who was kicked out of State House, whose administration gassed his own people& set markets on fire ( no one has been arrested for those PF inside-job arson) makes noise and the whole country comes to a standstill

    What a country of jokers!

    • Don’t say that you have Deja Vu a loyal ECL a**kisser on here. He is going to read your comment….kikiki

  7. To all Zambian voters…next time please don’t vote for Bandits like Jay Banda or Mwaliteta or Lusambo…We need Zambians with brains not thugs as our law makers….

  8. @Benson Moono
    I think UPND is scared of PF rubble rousers….Lungu PF is on a mission to discredit HH and HH is the one who started these games by sponsoring Miles Sampa…you see Jack Mwimbu is acting like a scared man…they’re all scared of PF rubble rousers…Jean Chisenga set her own property on fire engineered by Lungu….

  9. Come on, no pictures even of the vehicle? Is it because there are no wounds? And no kidnapping? Or is it another reason… Photos please try to be relevant news not just “uyu ati…”

  10. PF thought they would accuse the government but they have at least given government a break from bad press about load shedding. What a distraction, thanks guys. I can always count on you to do a shoddy job….kikiki What use is JJ the illiterate MP of Petauke? He can not debate in parliament. Anyone from Petauke on this blog???

  11. Both UPND and PF are drama queens! Zambians should look beyond these two violent parties for leadership. Both these parties have a culture of cadrerism and violence. Zambians are struggling to make ends meet and facing hunger and the best these two group of people can do is give the nation drama.

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