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President Hichilema Meets with MCC CEO to Strengthen US-Zambia Partnership


President Hakainde Hichilema held a pivotal meeting with Alice P. Albright, Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), at State House. This meeting highlighted the growing bilateral partnership between the United States and Zambia, showing an increased interest from the US business community in investing in Zambia.

President Hichilema expressed profound appreciation for MCC’s collaboration with the Zambian government, particularly emphasizing the positive impacts of the first Compact, which focused on water supply and sanitation. This initiative has significantly improved the quality of life for many Zambians, demonstrating the benefits of international partnerships in fostering socio-economic development.

The meeting also celebrated Zambia’s selection for a second Compact, with an indicative budget of $450 million. President Hichilema thanked MCC for this substantial commitment, which is anticipated to further advance Zambia’s development goals. This second Compact signifies continued confidence in Zambia’s potential and underscores the importance of sustained collaboration between the two countries.

A central focus of the second Compact is the improvement of the Chipata-Lundazi-Old Magodi Road, which is vital for the productive agricultural regions in Zambia’s Eastern Province. Enhancing this infrastructure will facilitate better market access for farmers and boost overall economic activities in the region. President Hichilema emphasized that this project is crucial for driving agricultural productivity and economic growth.

During the discussions, the Zambian delegation expressed their desire for quicker turnaround times in the implementation of the second Compact projects. They stressed the need for efficient and timely execution to ensure that the benefits are promptly realized by the communities. President Hichilema conveyed optimism about the swift conclusion of all necessary processes leading to the signing of the Compact.


  1. SIR Zesco Is going to cripple this country in the next couple of months
    You should be addressing the nation on this matter and should be replacing top management
    Their excuse is solely poor rains … If they had common sense they would have put us on 2 hours last year
    if this is not sorted out now zambia will be in its worse state since 1964

    • And who told you that he is not addressing the issue?
      If you think poor rains are an excuse, please explain why the harvest failed.
      Let me remind you, UPND found ZESCO in a crippled condition due to poor management. It’s been years of poor mismanagement under the cadres. Zambians, remember that building something takes years but destroying it takes a shorter period.

  2. Not making an effort and failing to collect adequate taxes from businesses and opting to receive crumbs from such donors is what makes countries like ours not utter any word against the murderous and so called chosen people of God and their supporters …

    • Really, that’s what you think has made Zambia poor?
      What about concentrating on tribal issues and regional politics? What about corruption, bureaucracy and greed?

  3. Nsimbi i agree with you 100%, we have our natural resources & foreign investors are already in Zambia in operation but are given Tax holiday. Any nation with normal exposed modern leadership always get monies from tax to develop the nation.. but us back home in ZED awekwena. Instead of getting monies for national development from foreign mining giants operating in our nation they look outside for crumbs no wonder we are in big debts which leads to been exploited. Zambia wake up man!!!! AFRICA yaba kwena, it is so sad to experience & live in diaspora like here in the USA, so developed bcoz they tax you big time to develop, expand & maintain their economies.. but us there awe kwena.

  4. Start TAXING the foreign companies such as mines to collect monies for natural development & maintenance & stop begging from these white folks who maimed, raped our forefathers. How can they love you when they colonized your forefathers. Ifima leaders from Africa mafontini sana & have no nerves & backbones

  5. LT you are NOT posting my messages, guess you are gate keeping & have no backbone .. shame on you all. How can we progress like this hey you bakamushi? You are afraid kikikikiki yaba

  6. Begger mentality…we are used being spoonfed and now the time has come to stand up on our own as a country and deal with Electricity… electricity expect zero economic growth….and a crippled economy…PUT POLITICS ASIDE…..ZESCO SHOULD EMPLOY COMPETENT PEOPLE NOT FAMILY MEMBERS….AND STOP CORRUPTION AT ZESCO

      We need to stress this point more which some are not understanding and when they wake up it will be too late

  7. @Tikki
    I have friends from Niger,Giunea Conackry, Tigo,Chad etc and they all complain about electricity and it started with 4 hours loadsheding…then 8 hours loadsheding and now its permanently 24 hours loadsheding….Electricity in these countries is now only available for Ministers and their’s zero economic growth….At their Hospitals Generators are only used for the mortuary

    • We dont have to follow that trend
      Unfortunately Zesco left it till the drawable water level at Kariba is now more than critical
      So we must now think of the future with NEW MANAGEMENT

  8. The Board at Zesco has assumed management functions. You cannot justify ‘sitting’ for a whole week even over weekends under the guise that there is a crisis. The Board ought to drive policy and allow management to execute it. But if the Board thinks it will come up with solutions which management cannot such as whether to import power or determine what is the cheapest option? Then perhaps it’s time to have an executive chairman… If there is a crisis how can the MD be on leave and yet find time to have breakfast with the Chair?

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