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When we commit crimes, we don’t do it on behalf of tribe; we are on our own!


Whenever our politicians commit crimes, grave ones for that matter such as ransacking our national resources; storming police stations and leaving policemen for dead; engage in dastardly acts such as strangling their girl friends and setting their bodies ablaze or indeed producing their “katushas” and offload their entire toxic materials from their bowels into the mouth of helpless journalists and the noose gets tighter around their necks; they want to seek protection by hiding their enormous transgressions under the guise of their tribes!

Help us understand, please. Which tribe would be proud to be associated with one of their sons or daughters engaging in such Satanic practices? Which Chief in their right frame of mind would approve of such?

Moreover, whenever these individuals we call presidents, ministers or members of parliament defraud our people of their meager resources by whatever means, they don’t take the loot back to their villages to be shared with their tribesmates; they enjoy it alone with their wives, families and girl friends! But even if they may decide to share some of their ill-gotten wealth with tribesmates, is this the way a civilised society must conduct itself……devoid of any morals or values at all?

While the masses remain wallowing in abject poverty, meanwhile these characters we want to blindly support have suddenly become overnight millionaires driving expensive SUVs, living in breathtaking mansions and putting on designer outfits straight from Harrolds and other fashion houses! Why do you insist on rallying behind them even when you know they’ve committed serious iniquities?

This grand scheme of certain people hiding in the name of tribe started with Micheal Sata in opposition. When President Levy Mwanawasa went after former MMD leaders who had plundered our national resources, full throttle; Sata saw it as an opportunity to gain political mileage by recklessly claiming Mwanawasa disliked people from a certain ethnic grouping, hence ‘persecuting’ them on flimsy grounds!

It’s simple logic, if you’ve been a minister and funds went missing during your tenure, who do you expect to be held accountable? As we speak, some MMD leaders are serving prison sentences while others have since done their time.

If there’s any reasonable belief that former president Edgar Lungu or indeed any of his government officials engaged in corrupt practices, they must be held accountable like others before them! There’s nothing special about them. We take strong exception to Mfuwe member of parliament Mabonga insinuating there’s some sort of ethnic cleansing going on. What nonsense! How do you expect those serving in government today to refrain from corrupt activities knowing that their entire tribe will be there to defend them once they’ve vacated office? Hold your horses madam, no matter what you may be drinking!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Polical/Social Analyst


  1. You your hatred will consume you. Nobody has committed a crime. Your party used to do the same thing…. now it’s a crime. Find something else to do like picking garbage.

    • Please guys kidnap that Prince whatever, the thing writing about you. Beat it up, no one will go to media like the chaos we saw over Jay Jay.

    • Kapinga is now learning-and in public. He is very quick to tribalise his enemies from Lungu to the grassroots. Now he wants to pretend criminals dont belong to a tribe. Some of us already know that tribes do not break the law. Humanbeings do. Kapinga, you started the tribal warfare so it is now tying you up in knots because you dont know when to tribalise issues and to untribalise them. Did you ever hear Kaunda making an issue of tribes? If you want to lead you focus on the greater goal and not on the little issues that divide you. Learn from great leaders.

    • Picking garbage is a very noble job. Without the garbage pickers we would die of cholera, typhoid etc

  2. The MP from Mabonga was stating that do not go that way. Same with Mr Zulu. Why is it okay for people to insult others and be tribal, whilst others are demonized when they point out the vice. It is a fact that people from the North and Eastern are more in number. In fact the existence of the UPND govt is evidence that Zambians are not tribal! For a party that was voted by the whole nation to start serving a minority is very disappointing. The people of Zambia had a lot of hope of trust in this govt which has turned out serving people from the South and their foreign sponsors.

    • Am sorry madam as a Zambian, Ngoni, Christian & parent. I distance myself from what Munir & the other lady uttered. Even in times of grief or anger, may we learn to hold our tongues. Having had lived through all the seven presidencies, never have I heard this tribal song being sung louder than during the PF till now. You guys have been so careless with your words. Don’t count your words, weight them.This country belongs to all 20 million. None has more claim to this country than the other. This land is for you & me. Your smart phone has AI on it, find out what “sedition” is. You don’t want to be the one to pay that price on behalf of your tribesmen.

    • The issue we have in Zambia is that only opposition members and certain tribes are being targeted by the police and justice system, whilst the ruling party and their sidekicks are practicing tribalism and issuing threats.

  3. Mr. Kapinga, it seems you are influenced by tribalism and harbor animosity towards those outside your circle. Your analysis lacks depth and patriotism, and you appear indifferent to the unprofessional conduct of the Zambia Police Service. You should have at least condemned the fabricated suicide note allegedly written by JJ Banda, produced by the Zambia Police. Your silence on this matter, simply because JJ Banda is not your tribesman, is telling. It is tragic that you view life through such narrow lenses of tribalism.

  4. We can not run Mines and be leaders in Industries with people like Deja Vu and Maria and also that so called mine owner “Ufimbe somewhere somewhere” as citizens sure. You tried the same tactics when you had the instruments of Power, what makes you think tribal politics will get you back into power?

  5. Okay, turns out the guy (JJ Band) has 3 wives which has to manage every day. Gosh…! More complicated than Middle East politics.

  6. I don’t exactly know who said this but I quote, “There is sense in nonsense.” Kaping’a is right to insinuate that no thieving politician robs the state funds to feed his tribesmen: he does so for his family and endless strings of girlfriends!

    these politicians manipulate your intelligence by begging your unwarranted anger towards people of different regions or tribes. I’m a Senga and Ng’umbo by tribe and never witnessed tribalism the time of KK and FTJ Chiluba.

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