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Former President Edgar Lungu Condemns State Actions Amid Abduction and Arrests


Former President and Patriotic Front (PF) Party Leader, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has voiced strong condemnation of the recent political developments in Zambia, citing a departure from the rule of law, respect for human rights, and constitutional democracy.

In a statement released Former President Lungu highlighted the troubling incident on 25th May 2024, involving the abduction and disappearance of Hon. JJ Banda, Member of Parliament for Petauke Central. He said attempts by concerned citizens to seek answers from the Zambia Police was met with state violence, as riot police deployed tear gas on peaceful protesters at Ibex Hill station.

The fallout from this incident saw the swift arrest of several prominent figures. Human rights activist Brebner Changala, FDD President Edith Nawakwi, Lumezi MP Munir Zulu, and Mfuwe MP Maureen Mabonga were detained and charged with politically motivated offenses such as “hate speech” and “seditious practices against the State.”

Below Is The Full Statement

Good Afternoon Fellow Citizens, Men, Women, and the Youth,

The current political happenings in Zambia are confirming that we are completely abandoning the rule of law, respect for human rights, and constitutional democracy. On 25th May, 2024, we all woke up to a sad development—the abduction and disappearance of Hon. JJ Banda, Petauke Central MP. When we tried to seek answers and solace from Zambia Police, the state decided to discharge riot police to throw tear-gas canisters on all of us at Ibex Hill station. This was a mark of state brutality on peaceful citizens!

As different stakeholders responded in anger and anguish to the abduction and disappearance of Hon. Jay Jay Emmanuel Banda, Zambia Police speedily arrested and detained human rights activist Mr. Brebner Changala, FDD President Hon. Edith Nawakwi (in a sick condition), Lumezi MP Hon. Munir Zulu, and Mfuwe MP Hon. Maureen Mabonga, charging them with politically motivated cases of “hate speech” or “seditious practices against the State.” These arrests were orchestrated within two days.

This morning, Chief Inspector Chembe summoned CDP President Apostle Dan Pule, who hosted the UKA Prayers Service two weeks ago, to report at Police Headquarters at 11:00 hrs to respond to investigation questions and had consequently been arrested at Woodland Police Station. Our former PF SG, Hon. Davies Mwila, is currently appearing before Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers for unknown investigations and may or may not be detained.

Tomorrow, on 30th May, 2024, my entire family has been given scheduled appointments to appear before DEC for investigations and interviews in a manner that looks politically designed as follows:
– By 09:30 to 10:30 – Charles Phiri
– By 10:30 to 11:30 – Chiyeso Lungu
– By 11:30 to 12:30 – Tasila Lungu
– By 12:30 to 14:00 – Esther Lungu, former First Lady

In other words, their plan is to keep me and my entire family the whole day at DEC with the same scheme of breaking and silencing me.

From plunging us into a hungry nation after selling our hard-earned food reserves and failing to “fix the economy” as passionately promised in 2021, this UPND failed regime is now after me, my family, and every citizen who is providing democratic checks and balances by throwing law enforcement agencies (LEAs) on us. Besides targeting to break and silence me, our opposition leaders, civil society advocates, church leaders, and scholars who are speaking for the people, this oppressive government of HH is not humanly shy to raise the flag of political persecution and police brutality.

As former President, I want to reaffirm and emphasize that there is no dead or living Zambian who will change the plan of God for this country. President Hakainde Hichilema must know that “Zambia is holy land for Jesus Christ, a Christian nation, our multicultural state and a constitutional democracy for equal citizens.” This I know and remain fully persuaded that “God will fight and defeat the UPND script to break and silence all divergent voices.”

I am a believer in true democracy and a defender of “One Zambia, One Nation.” As PF party leader and former President, I will continue preaching peace, love, unity, and freedom amidst this oppressive political environment. In a constitutional and democratic fashion, I know that freedom is coming for everyone once again. And an inclusive Zambia for all shall emerge again sooner or later!

May God bless Zambia.
Stay peaceful and safe!
H.E Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu
Sixth President of Zambia
Patriotic Front Party President


  1. Ba ECL kalani chabe pansi!! Nobody really gives a damn about your weak complaints.We haven’t forgotten what you did to our country. People lost their lives for opposing you, nothing compared to the warn and cautions statements your minions are being given.We all know your entire leadership looted Zambia’s coffers.If your family benefited, they should pay back. At least you guys are afforded fair trials. Now , we have a drought situation and hunger looming.These are issues we want to address not the fake abduction of some cadre or some washed up preacher hosting political meetings guised as prayer meetings in his church.

    • Lungu is pushing his luck too far!
      What did Lungu do about the torture chamber found at Soweto Market? And in 2020 what did Lungu do when JJ Banda mobilised armed PF cadres and stormed Lusaka Central Police where they beat up some unsuspecting officers on duty and got away with an undisclosed amount of money, belonging to one of the officers.
      The incident happened after the C5 anti-robbery squad shot and killed a suspect earlier, who happens to be a relative to Banda. The suspected robber died after sustaining four bullet wounds.

    • Zuma is barred from running because South African law stipulates that any one who has served more than 12 months in jail, can hold public office until 5 years have elapsed since the end of the sentence. As you know, Zuma was arrested less than 5 years ago

    • Yayi HH has weaponised government institutions to attack opposition. The only people being arrested for these fake crimes are those from Eastern Northern and Luapula provinces: Mfuwe MP Maureen Mabonga arrested for hate speech, Edith Nawakwi detained for seditious practices, Dan Pule arrested for hate speech, Chishimba Kambwili arrested for tribal talk. But among others, a Southern Province minister insulted Luapulans and nothing has happened to him. This is a sure misuse of government power.

    • He has lost memory.He needs to be admitted at Chininama for evaluation.
      He has forgotten the PF lumens.

  2. Shut the foul kachasu mouth and go back to swindling clients. Voet sak!

    How dare this thing try to hide behind mumbling about God and freedom

  3. ……….

    Bwana former president……

    Your family are apearing to explain suspected ill gotten wealth….

    Those arrested MPs are arrested for speachers we all saw which diped into endangering the unity and security of zambia……..

    Why cant you just wait for elections in 2026 instead of these evil schemes ???

    Forwadee 2031…..

    • …And bwana Miles Sampa is the lawfully elected PF Presient,upheld by the courts of law. Failure to respect Sampa could get you expelled from PF and it is also a criminal offence……Please comply

  4. ECL should be the last person to speak about rule of law and one-Zambia-one-nation.

    You can’t win sympathy from your families misdeeds that you willfully created for pecuniary reasons.

  5. upnd praise singers are everywhere on the socials while hungry & looking kumbuwa, been encouraged to support their greedy masters. You chaps, pipo are not stupid, they see how tribalistic & backward you are. It will surely not end well with you chaps. You do not seem to learn from previous govts. shame on you

    • if someone can still see integrity and goodness in UPND with hunger looming its because they are levelheaded in reason. you can’t pull 20 million Zambians into selfish agenda of your family. if your family and brothers – in – arms are innocent and the law enforcing bodies are politicizing, the Court will set them free. remember, in criminal offenses, it’s the state that will have to give evidence beyond doubt, which your lawyers will have to defend, for conviction to happen.

      the opposition is not providing checks and balances, but attempting to burry the skeletons PF kept in cupboards, now afraid that they are being discovered. let the common Zambians that have o
      not been party to PF and UPND selfish dealings provide checks and balances.

  6. Please do not let these politicians drag us down a worm-hole of hatred and discontent. Let them slug it out amongst themselves… when the time is right, we will use the vote as is appropriate. There are enough examples around the world where politicians have plunged their populations into wanton violence.

  7. So he goes to church while others are not allowed.. wowww!!! What a bully / bally !!!! This is how dictators are birthed, history must teach us these things. He moves and addresses crowds of pipo but his opponents are banned.. This is the best democratic nation in the world..mmmmmm!!!! I truly pray Zambians will never again make such mistakes in the future. Your vote is surely powerful.

  8. From being unable to pay the presidential candidate fee in less than seven years one child had 22 vehicles, one had excessive land and cash, one had a modern state estate never mind the fifteen or so odd dwelling houses…in less than seven years and oh as he says he used ‘proxies’. Dada you should look in to your soul and really search deep what you did cannot be undone and we pray one day you will see the need to tone down and look for reprieve.

  9. When can this cadre Edgar shut up? We’re tired of this chap. We don’t need such a citizen in our beloved country.

  10. Wena Jameson Chakolwa Lungu utokomele, kauke onafa HH utakunyisa wena, konji aku kame kang’oto kuku nyelisa katanafu kusiya ki twaaa mwa siziba sahao onaseo.

  11. Edgah Lungu? Though we all Zambians know that he is a Malawan using forged names and documents, we still tolerate him as he keeps on promoting anarchy. This man need to be investigated and deported to his country. Which is Malawi. There he can continue his divide and rule agenda.

  12. In Zambia, like in every other democratic country, anyone charged with an alleged infraction of the law is innocent until he or she is proven guilty by a genuine and impartial court of law. So, I do not understand why the likes of E.C. Lungu can rush to making statements about alleged cases against his family, etc. He needs to step back and wait to defend his family against any charges. As former Republican president and legal practitioner, he knows this routine. By the way, is he PF president or is it Miles Sampa?

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