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Parents Counseled Against Hiding Children With Disabilities


Ndola Education Standards officer, Robert Ngoma, has called on the public to assist in identifying children living with disability in communities for them to receive the required assistance from government.

Mr Robert Ngoma notes that many parents in various communities who are living in denial of having children living with disabilities are fond of hiding such children, a bad habit that has robbed many children of their right to free education and medical help.

ZANIS in Ndola reports that Mr Ngoma was speaking in an interview at the just ended five days of basic sign language training for all government front line workers from various departments in Ndola district.
He echoed that the basic sign language training workshop would not have come at a better time when the government is eager to ensure that no child is left uneducated.

Mr Ngoma added that education is a game changer hence the need to capture and equip children living with disability with the necessary skills to help them have a bright future.
He said once the deaf and dumb are educated they will have the ability to fend for themselves and add to the country’s economic growth.

The Education Standards Officer noted that the government is in a hurry to ensure that children’s rights are protected and given the education that they require.

Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) Assistant Coordinator for Ndola District Susan Shawa said there is need for front line government staff who have been trained in basic sign language to keep practicing for perfection of the skill.

Ms Shawa reiterated that Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities with support from International Labour Organisation (ILO) came up with the training for all front line government workers to bridge Communication barrier between the deaf and dumb and the able bodied persons so that people living with disabilities can also have access to all services that are offered by government.

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