Saturday, June 15, 2024

President Hichilema Officiates 2024 Technology Empowering Development Forum in Luanshya


President Hakainde Hichilema during the official opening ceremony of the 2024 Technology Empowering Development Forum at the China Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Group (CNMC)

President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday officiated the opening ceremony of the 2024 Technology Empowering Development Forum at the China Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Group (CNMC). Joined by CNMC CEO Mr. Wang Jingjun and his team, the event aimed to enhance cooperation in mining, explore new opportunities, and improve mineral resource development and utilization levels for mutual benefit.

Speaking at the forum, President Hichilema highlighted the pivotal role of the mining industry in Zambia’s economy. “Our regular visits to the Copperbelt, particularly to Luanshya, underscore our vision to create a resilient economy, provide employment, and offer business opportunities for our people,” he stated. He emphasized the importance of partnerships with companies like CNMC that bring advanced technology and value addition to the sector.

A key highlight of the event was the commissioning of the newly constructed Sino-Zam Vocational College of Science and Technology, built by CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine. Formerly known as Craft Training School, established in 1965, the college aims to equip young Zambians with essential technological skills, aligning with the government’s commitment to youth skills development.

In addition to the forum, the day also marked the commencement of the de-watering process of the 28 Shaft, also known as the Luanshya New Mine. Using 15 high-tech, high-powered customized pumps, CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine has begun the trial process of pumping out 100 million cubic meters of water. The water will be channeled through Miliashi and Nkrumashiba streams and eventually into the Kafue River to support electricity generation.

President Hichilema expressed gratitude for the enhanced bilateral partnerships between China and Zambia, emphasizing the significance of these developments. “These events are a testimony to the strengthened cooperation between our two nations, demonstrating our shared commitment to economic development and technological advancement,” he remarked.

The forum and related initiatives reflect the Zambian government’s ongoing efforts to foster a robust mining sector, drive economic growth, and create opportunities for its citizens through strategic international partnerships.


  1. The water being pumped out needs to be treated before release into the environment.

    I hope they’re doing that.

  2. If there is one thing all leaders forget except Kk and Mwanawasa is to visit Zamefa. The only company in Luanshya that makes copper cables hence utilising our raw copper into a finished product. All leaders just give cheap talk.

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