Saturday, June 15, 2024

Update On Health Status Of Petauke MP Emmanuel Banda


Government wishes to inform the public that Petauke Central Member of Parliament, Hon. Emmanuel Banda, is recovering well at Maina Soko Medical Centre in Lusaka.

Hon Banda has expressed his gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Zambia and the people for their prayers and support during the period he was missing. He conveyed his appreciation during a visit today by Information and Media Permanent Secretary Mr Thabo Kawana and his Home Affairs counterpart Mr Dickson Mutembo.
Mr Kawana has called on the public to respect Hon Banda’s privacy and give him the necessary space to recover. He emphasised that it is unacceptable for certain politicians to exploit Hon Banda’s situation for political gain.

Additionally, Mr Mutembo urged the public not to abuse Hon Banda’s situation to spread misinformation.

Furthermore, Maina Soko Medical Centre Commandant, Brigadier General Levy Muchemwa, informed the Permanent Secretaries that Hon Banda is making good progress in his recovery and is now able to walk without support. It is also important to note that Hon Banda shows no physical marks of injury.

The family, including his spouses, have 24/7 access to him, with his wives being at his bedside since his admission. Among those who have visited him are Chieftainess Mwanjabantu, Chief Nyamphande, and Chief Mumbi, all of Petauke, as well as the Human Rights Commission and members of his family.

Government will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary.
Issued by:
Public and Media Relations Unit


  1. Dying for Lungu, these boys JayJay and Munuir can commit suicide bombing for ECL.
    He is in wrong hospital, he supposed to be a Chainama Hospital. Even from here I can see that the guy is a mad person, suffering from depression. Keep him on suicide watch.

  2. Recover quickly so that we can revisit the case where you torched that poor journalist even letting loose in his mouth…today after a few skirmishes you get vip treatment!

  3. JJ Banda is only talking about going home and not continued stay in hospital. That means he’s just fine. My only fear is that some evil people can kill him to cover up their evil plans and acts from being exposed. He’s key to knowing what really happened.


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