Thursday, June 20, 2024

Former Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Sketchley Sacika, Laid to Rest in Lusaka


Funeral service for former Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Sketchley Sacika.

President Hakainde Hichilema and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema joined fellow mourners at the Anglican Cathedral for the funeral service of the late Dr. Sketchley Sacika, former Secretary to the Cabinet. Dr. Sacika, a distinguished civil servant known for his significant contributions to public policy and governance, was laid to rest today at Leopards Hill Memorial Park.

In his tribute, President Hichilema praised Dr. Sacika for his diligent service to the nation. He highlighted Dr. Sacika’s role in formulating progressive public policies that emphasized manpower development, professionalism, and improved service delivery. Even after retiring, Dr. Sacika remained a valuable source of counsel for current leaders.

“Our appeal to public service workers is to emulate his humility, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and commitment to serving our great nation,” President Hichilema said. He extended sincere condolences to Dr. Sacika’s family, wishing them God’s comfort and strength during this difficult time.

President Hichilema and first Lady Mutinta Hichilema during the funeral service for former Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Sketchley Sacika.

Former Cabinet Minister William Harrington, representing the family, described Dr. Sacika as a lover of peace who opposed violence. Mr. Harrington recounted his long-standing relationship with Dr. Sacika, dating back to their childhood in the mid-1950s in Senanga.

“I have personally known Dr. Sacika since our childhood days. He did not believe in violence to resolve disputes, always advocating for legal and non-violent methods,” Mr. Harrington said. He also mentioned Dr. Sacika’s efforts to propose legislation to address the needs of former Secretaries to the Cabinet.

Dr. Sacika passed away on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at Maina Soko Military Medical Centre in Lusaka at the age of 85. His death is particularly poignant for his family, coming less than a year after the passing of his wife.

The funeral service and burial were attended by numerous dignitaries, reflecting the high regard in which Dr. Sacika was held. His legacy of service and dedication to Zambia remains an inspiration to many.

President Hichilema during the funeral service for former Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Sketchley Sacika.


  1. Ok now that it is agreed that the plight of former Vice Presidents has been addressed and that of former Secretary to Cabinet lets address former Chief Executive Officers they too contribute to the nation grant them a state funeral some can hardly afford to have a decent burial..


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