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Government unearths a scam over Kalonga and Eagles brands sold at exorbitant prices in Kalomo


Government has unearthed a scam where some unscrupulous traders in Kalomo district selling Zambia correctional service (ZCS) and Zambia National service (ZNS) mealie-meal brands at exorbitant prices in the area.

District commissioner, Joshua Sikaduli has since directed security wings to ensure that shop owners start selling the two brands at government’s recommended prices or face the wrath of the law.

The stipulated retail price for both Kalonga and Eagles brands in official outlets is K240.00 for breakfast while roller meal should be at K190.00 per 25 kilograms bag.

However, the brands are reportedly selling a 25 kilograms bag of breakfast meal at K280.00 while roller of the same quantity is pegged at K230, a development Mr. Sikaduli said cannot be condoned.

Speaking during a Kalomo district food security task force meeting at the Council Chamber, the District Commissioner said his office and the security wings in the area cannot seat and watch the situation get to uncontrollable level.

“ It is unfortunate that some traders are taking advantage of this situation to exploit people in an event this mealie-meal is finished in our official designated outlets.

” However, we cannot sit idle to see our people being exploited, I urge our committee members to control the situation,” charged Mr. Sikaduli.

In its last sitting, the district food security task force committee resolved to have about ten local traders that would be recommended to buy the commodity at wholesale price from the two security wings’ milling plants and sell the commodity at the stipulated affordable retail prices to the community.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Conservation Trust (ECT) has completed its exercise of rationing in the targeted households in all the 20 wards of the district.

ECT executive director, Jalios Siakondo says his organisation has undertaken the exercise in accordance with the guidelines set in their contract with the DMMU.

The Trust has been engaged by the disaster management and mitigation unit (DMMU) to distribute the first consignment of 200 metric tonnes of relief food among the hunger affected in Kalomo.The initial 200 metric tonnes relief food supply to Kalomo saw each ward receiving 200 by 50 kilograms of white maize with each identified hunger affected household getting a 50 kilograms bag each.

80 per cent of the relief food is food for work while 20 per cent is for the vulnerable persons who are not recipients of the social cash transfer money.

Government through the food reserve agency (FRA) has also created 12 outskirt satellite depots in the district where people can buy maize through community sales other than for them to travel to town to buy the commodity at the FRA main depot.


  1. I’m surprised people are surprised at this. They did in Unip days when people were not even half as sophisticated as of today.

  2. Liberalized economy. There is no one stopping you from buying the same eagles mealie meal at K230 from shoprite then selling it to someone else at K280 just outside shoprite. That is how people are surviving.

  3. Government has uncovered what is common knowledge and be going on since time began
    Just shows their lack of intelligence
    I’m losing Faith Fast


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