Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Police Statement Jay Banda MP


Yesterday, at approximately 13:00 hours, Honourable Jay Banda was discharged from Maina Soko Medical Centre. Following his discharge, Honourable Banda was escorted by police officers to Twin Palm Police Station for an interview regarding ongoing investigations.

The interview was conducted in the presence of his legal counsel, Mr. Makebi Zulu. During the course of the interview, Honourable Banda developed a medical condition that necessitated immediate medical attention. In accordance with his rights as a suspect to seek medical care, police officers promptly transported him back to the hospital.

Honourable Banda was fully conscious upon his arrival at the hospital, where he is currently receiving medical attention.

The police will continue to monitor Honourable Banda’s condition and ensure that all legal protocols are followed. Further updates will be provided as the situation develops.

Rae Hamoonga


  1. Isn’t this the second time he’s developed a medical condition under interrogation? The previously untouchable bully is showing how frail he is, inside

  2. When he attacked a police station he did not develop this condition ? Or when he decided to brutalisé that poor journalist he didn’t have a condition ? At the time he was a hero teh!

  3. Jay is a bully. But that does not give police the right to be inhuman. The guy has just been discharged from hospital and you immediately want to start interrogating him? Let the guy recover, then he can dance properly to the tune of the law. He is a law breaker and the law should take its course. But police need to stop behaving like carders.

    • Kaiser Zulu was allowed to roam the streets. Next the suspect, skipped the borders. ZP should not allow a repeat of that. During my younger years, I once worked with a Chinese straight from China to Zambia. His observation was that law here is very weak, “veli veli soft, you cannot develop like China in such an environment ” he said. He was correct. Hence, I resign myself to despair when I see ZNS, IDC trying to adopt a Chinese business model in such an environment of very very soft laws.

  4. We know who’s at the center of all this piffle. Don’t waste our time with half baked statements. Princess Nakatindi Wina was at one time forcibly discharged from Maina Soko Military Hospital, bundled into prison vehicles and escorted to Mukobeko Maximum Prison in the night on orders from Kafupi Chabala. Is it any different day? ZP works according to orders from above

  5. This thing of loud-mouthed, obnoxious politicians suddenly developing serious medical conditions when they are asked to respond to a few questions by Police is getting out of hand. If this fellow was indeed abducted, why is he playing these hospital games ( and games is what they definitely are). Perhaps we really should just move on and leave this attention-seeking delinquent. The Police will never get a clear story from him. We have bigger fish to fry in this country at the moment.

  6. Very efficient police. They have enough personnel to escort political criminals (opponents?) from hospital to prison. And enough time to issue running commentaries or press statements on this. They also have enough personnel for roadblocks because their intelligence tells them all crime is committed by motorists on roads. But not enough personnel and transport for a burglary in Chibolya, Buchi or Kanyama.

    • Kikikikikiki @Lance Corporal. They have enough personnel to stop a political rally but not enough to police one.


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