Thursday, July 25, 2024

Murdered Yango Driver Put To Rest


The Yango Driver who was murdered by unknown people on June 6th, 2024 in Lusaka was put to rest at Mutumbi Cemetery.
Lusaka District Commissioner, Rosa Zulu joined a multitude of Lusaka residents who paid their last respects to the 30-year-old Aaron Katongo.

Speaking during the burial procession, Ms. Zulu said the government is saddened by the killings of drivers, especially Yango Drivers who are fending for their families through Yango business.

She sympathized with the family and the mourners, and assured Yango Drivers of the government’s commitment in ensuring that their lives are protected as they conduct their operations.

“It is sad that a human being can take the life of another person without feeling any remorse and we pray that justice prevails in the murder case of Aaron Katongo,” Ms. Zulu said.

The District Commissioner further informed the drivers that their concern of security will be looked into with the relevant authorities including the Minister of Transport and Logistics.

“I am inviting the leadership of Yango to a meeting at my office so that we can discuss this matter and find solutions to the prevailing situation,” Ms. Zulu said.

She has also called on the public to respect the law by not taking the law into their hands but allow the police to continue with their investigations peacefully.

Meanwhile, former Lusaka Yango Drivers spokesperson, Sibeso Mate, has appealed to the government to consider the plea of the drivers for security of their lives as they serve the public.

Mr. Mate explained that the Yango App has not favored their security as it leads them to places they wish they would not go to if they had a choice.

“This is the seventh death we are recording as Yango Drivers. We are forced to go to places that we are not comfortable with by the App, because we are penalized if we refuse to take a client to the places we are not familiar with and therefore, that puts our lives in danger,” he explained.

Mr. Mate thanked the District Commissioner for mourning with the family and Yango drivers and for her words of hope that the government will look into the security of these drivers.

Aaron Katongo leaves behind a son below 5 years and a wife who has just been employed by the government as a nurse.


    • How has the government failed to find the People who gassed the nation? Does need to take HH to push Jack to act? The previous IG was very focussed on this case. He was removed. Why? The new IG has never even said anything about the gassers. Why? We need to be serious!! WHO WAS GASSING our people kanshi?

  1. When the wicked ascends the throne wickedness increases. Our nation is getting to be like that nation in Africa called South Africa in terms of crime such as suicide, infidelities, murders, kidnappings, guns.etc. When these become normal just know the wicked is on the throne of the nation

    • Had you been around during PF rule you would have had a heart attack. Because during that time, markets where on fire, innocent people got burnt and beaten to death for being suspected of being behind the “Gassing”. It was chaotic.

  2. his soul should not rest in pierce. But let it torment and haunt those murders. Until it deals with them, then it can rest

  3. There is a lot of conflict with the ordinary tax drivers and then the criminals too. To operate as a Yango driver is not safe even just from the usual taxi drivers who feel and think their business has been compromised. On the other hand criminals are taking advantage of the whole manner in which the yango is run by using stolen simcards that do not show the real culprits. It is high time the yango driver were protected and their lives safeguarded, these young men and women are really trying to make ends meet for their families. MHSRIP

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