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Ramaphosa re-elected president of South Africa


Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected president of the seventh administration of the Republic of South Africa.

He fended off a challenge by EFF leader, Julius Malema by 283 votes to 44 with the help of his partners in the newly formed Government of National Unity, that includes the Democratic Alliance, Inkatha Freedom Party, National Freedom Party, the Patriotic Alliance and Freedom Front Plus.

Song broke out at the announcement from the ANC benches.

The President-elect will be inaugurated during a ceremony in Pretoria which, according to the Constitution, should take place within five days after the President’s election, Parliament said in a statement.

Once the President has taken the oath of office, he will proceed to form a cabinet, selecting ministers who will head various government departments and execute the administration’s policies.

History will judge you harshly: Malema

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters said the ANC and DA joining forces was a marriage that seeks to undermine the changing of property relations in South Africa.

“We refuse to sell out. We have never done so when we’re young, and we’re not going to do so today. We don’t have a history of being collaborators.

“We are going to ensure that this parliament is functional. We can reassure you that will not fight with any bouncers.We’re going to be the best and effective opposition that is going to ensure that both you and the DA are held accountable. This is not a government of national unity. This is a grand coalition between the ANC and the white monopoly capital. History will judge you and judge you harshly,” Malema said.

Meanwhile, DA Leader John Steenhuisen said his party was looking forward to working with the ANC.

Source IOL News


  1. Another country like many African countries and ourselves which has struggled to rule itself better and usher in a real conducive
    business environment for its people to prosper economically after attaining indepence.

    • Your name says it all… Unfortunately, beccause Lungu and Satan borrowed and looted US $32.5 billion, we cannot put up any resistance as the West drains all of our minerals from the ground. Satan and Lungu’s families are filthy rich. Zambians are going to be dirt poor as they watch all of their natural resources taken away to Europe and America

    • The ANC did not have to lose its majority. That stupid Rama***** put a former president in jail for 18 months over a petty issue, and the Zulu revolted against the ANC. Now to keep power, Rama***** has sold out the ANC and made a coalition with the party of apartheid, the DA. Essentially, this ends the aspirations of black South Africans. If the MK party of Zuma plays it well, it could win the next elections outright. It has nothing to lose by painting both the ANC of Rama***** and the EFF of the fork tongued Julius Malema as sellout parties since both have now gone into coalition with the DA. The MK party should easily be able to siphon away the members of the ANC by stating that it is the only party that stands for the ideals of the original ANC

  2. The ANC has been the architect of its own downfall. Runaway crime ,load shedding,corruption and economic epilepsy has been their record.

    • Black South Africans are not happy about all the things you have said, but they are wise enough to understand that when you take a cake white people have baked only for white people, and try to share it with the whole country, everyone will end up with less than what white people had. The election results show that the Zulu who voted for the MK party did not leave the ANC, they left Cyril Ramaphosa. This is not about load shedding. This is about putting Jacob Zuma in jail, for refusing to appear at a hearing for 18 months, and refusing to listen to the anger of the Zulu over that decision, and killing 300 of them as they riot. There is a way out of this mess, and it is remove Rama***** and replace him with a leader that can reunite the ANC and the MK party

    • I do not agree with Igombe ilede. I think national matters need to override personal issues. MK leaving the ANC has no policy basis but personal matters between the current leaders and some individuals in MK. This is the challenge that leaders face. Can they work with people they do not like personally and focus on issues? The cost to ANC has been too much because they could not work around those challenges

  3. The African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and Patriotic Alliance (PA) are a part of a unity government in South Africa.

    Not sure about National Freedom Party (NFP) and Freedom Front Plus (FFP). Can the author care to verify this…..

    • Cyril Ramaid1ot had colluded with the sellout Inkhata of the 100 year old Gatsha Buthelezi, the aparheid DA and Freedom Front to sell out black South Africans. This arrangement only serves to keep Rama1diot as the president of South Africa. It does not advance the interests of black people. The MK party can capitalise on this by saying that they are the real ANC, and that of Ramaid1ot is the one of sellouts. The EFF is susceptible to the same accusation since it was the first party to form a coalition with the DA in 2016, for which Malema received copious amounts praise from the white establishment. If the MK party plays this right, it can become the majority party in South Africa

  4. Ramaphosa is a weak president now. The MK and EFF have not joined him and they will try to undermine him as time goes on

    • It is actually worse than that. He has exposed himself as a sellout. The EFF was the first party to sellout by forming coalitions with the DA after the 2016 elections, and this one reason is why their growth has stunted at about 10%. The only party that can gain from this desperate blunder by the ANC of Ramaiid1ot is the MK party of Jacob Zuma, which can now position itself as the real representative of the real ideals of the ANC.

  5. This is serious brinksmanship at best. Do not get it wrong, those that control the economy of that country align with DAs policies. Should this coalition result in an economic success, the Malemas will be remembered for being good in opposition. Should this fail, the ANC will see the black vote split between three large groupings. Malema should seek to merge with the MK.

  6. The ANC has imploded on its own. Had MK and EFF not separated, they would still have been in full control of the govt. Now Ramaphosa is just being practical by inviting DA and other parties to form govt. I think this arrangement will hold the ANC more accountable and South Africans voices through the ballot have been heard. We now should watch out who Ramaphosa will invite in his cabinet.. The finance portfolio is crucial.

  7. The African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), Patriotic Alliance (PA) and GOOD have thus far signed the statement of intent to form part of the Government of National Unity (GNU).

    GOOD joined the GNU

  8. We did not send any high level govt official to represent us at the inauguration ceremony. This is a diplomatic disaster and the region has taken note of it.

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