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HH interfered with Investigations


By Venus N Msyani

The gassing and abduction investigations were interfered with by the president during the address to the media on matters of national interest at State House in the capital Lusaka on Wednesday 5th, 2024.

Around January 2020 something very un-Zambian emerged in a known peaceful southern African country Zambia. Unknown people started spraying people with gas chemicals. The first report emerged in a town called Chingola in Copperbelt Province. Within a short period, reports started coming from other parts of the country. It became so serious that lives were lost. Mainly by mob justice.

There were more deaths from mob justice as gassing spread countrywide according to a headline by News Diggers on February 18, 2020. Among the headlines that flooded online news platforms in Zambia relating the very issue at that time. Happening at a time of a fast-growing campaign for the August 2021 general election, gassing evoked finger-pointing among politicians, which has not stopped ever since.

“You were gassing people. We have now decided to do a formal investigation, who was gassing people, for what reason.” Hichilema said during the recent address. A very good example of such finger-pointing.

Unfortunately, Hichilema has interfered with the very investigation if it is true, it is being done or considered. Saying you were gassing people makes President Hichilema the accuser. It implies the president has the names of gassers, which put those involved in investigating the matter in a fix as it is not easy to oppose the head of state. In short, the investigation on gassing has been compromised.

The same applies to Petauke Central independent member of parliament Emanuel Banda’s current issue. It is alleged Mr. Banda, popularly known as JayJay, went missing on May 25th at night in the Ibex Hill area in Lusaka. JayJay was found but not in good shape. He has not spoken to the public about his disappearance yet.

His case is attracting a situation similar to gassing. Finger pointing. The main opposition Patriotic Front (PF) feels Hon. Banda is a victim of abduction and accuses the United Party for National Development (UPND) government of being behind it.

“So, we have a member of parliament from Eastern Province. A passerby found a car abandoned and didn’t take long, it was identified as that one belonging to a member of parliament Honorable JayJay Banda, and by morning we became aware of it. I think that was Saturday morning. We became aware of his missing and clearly an apparent abduction.

What raised our concern was a report from the police that they had found a suicide note in the car and the suicide note was written poorly. Immediately these raised alarm to all of us. We immediately termed it as an abduction or a kidnapping because JayJay is very close to the former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Zambia’s sixth president. And way currently is that there is a big political tussal between the current president Hakainde Hichilema and the former president Edgar Lungu.

Further, JayJay Banda and the former president and all of us around the former president have received threats. Some public some private. Before that, the current president, President Hakainde Hichilema had been issuing statements saying he will not allow his predecessor to participate in politics or to come back into office and is made these numerous public utterances I think these are the ones that have incited the threats against the former president and for people like JayJay Banda.”

Narrated former Ambassador to Ethiopia Emanuel Mwamba on BBC Focus on Africa. Ambassador Mwamba is the current main opposition PF Information and Publicity chairperson. Hichilema administration seems to agree that JayJay was abducted. Disagreement is on who abducted him. According to Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

“I want to inform the nation that our colleague is in a safe environment until we thoroughly investigate the matter. We need to protect him; we do not know who is responsible for the abduction. I would like to assure the family that we will ensure the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to book. It is in the interest of the nation and the family to know who is behind this criminal activity,” Mwiimbu said during a press briefing after JayJaw was found.

Saying we don’t know who is responsible for the abduction implies the minister agree JayJay was abducted. Mwiimbu said we are thoroughly investigating the matter. That is the direction of this article.

On Wednesday 5th, 2024 during a press briefing the president called Hon. Banda a thug. It is an interference with the investigation of JayJay abduction. Calling JayJay a thug when his case is being investigated is another way of ordering the investigation not to consider the victim rights. Coming from the head of state, it can be concluded JayJay abduction claim will not receive a fair investigation.

“I know one thug who went into central police and beat the hell out of the policemen and was never put behind bars,” Hichilema said during the briefing on June 5. The president didn’t mention JayJay, but is easy to tell he was referring to him. JayJay Banda. is alleged to have assaulted a police officer at Central Police in Lusaka back in 2020.

“Banda and his accomplices stormed Lusaka Central Police Station and beat up a police officer and allegedly walked away with money belonging to the said officer.” Reported Zambian Observers on October 6, 2020 under the headline Jay Banda, others plead not guilty to aggravated assault. This make sense to conclude Hichilema was referring to JayJay.

To allow fair investigation, the president should have not said anything associated with JayJay. On gassing, it was also not wise for Hichilema to comment because of investigation. If he needed to, the right way to say it was to avoid pointing finger by avoiding ‘you.’ “Gassing took place. We have now decided to do a formal investigation, who was gassing people, for what reason.” Was the right way to say it.

Sadly, gassing and abduction investigation were interfered with by HH during his address to the media on matters of national interest on Wednesday 5th, 2024.


  1. Recently the police in Ndola have been storming into Churches specifically the Catholic. The instructions are coming from Mr Elisha Matambo copperbelt minister. Our security agencies are now working on instructions from unprofessional people. This is not good. The professionals are the ones who are supposed to update or alert political leaders on the political situation in any given area. Not the opposite.

  2. Can you also investigste what business Lungu was doing with Zimbabwean convicted fraudster and controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo in June 2019.
    The “Zimbabwe Corruption Commission” is searching for Chivhayo concerning a series of corruption cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars.
    After bragging about getting fraudulent govt tenders through the help of Mnangagwa and several senior govt officials, including the head of the CIO.
    What on YouTube: Mnangagwa’s RG Mugabe & Beitbridge border Tenders must be investigated

  3. Who was really gassing the Zambians kanshi?
    1. GMB- “I know the people who were gassing Zambians”. CAN YOU TELL US?
    2. Tayali – “A chief is Southern province planned the gassing” . WHICH ONE?
    3. Hakainde- “You were gassing people” WHO?
    Why has it taken so long to find the gassers? SO YOU KNOW THEM?

    • On 26th April 2022.. the then inspector general of Police Lemmy Kajoba announced that the police had re-opened gassing cases. Who the closed these investigation for the president to say ” We are now going to investigate You”. What happened to KAJOBA’s investigations? Why was Kajoba removed? Did he find something?

    • Police had arrested Chris Zumani ( Former Presidential Political advisor to Lungu). He was chained , and detain for several months for being a gasser. The court acquitted him. Was it a botched investigation? Did Kajoba fail on this cases he loudly announced that he was going to re-open and re- investigate. Is this the case the president is re-opening again?

    • The gassings were illusions seen by hystrical crowds…….

      There was no organised force doing gassings. Infact there was no gassings. That is why no evidence of materials exist.

      In a country where most people belive in witchcraft……..

      rhumers , inendos and beliefs can swiftly wipp up emmotional hysteria in a politically charged time……….

  4. This article is utter nonsense.
    The utterance by the president on both issues does not amount to sud judice.
    Additionally let’s get something straight, Banda was not abducted by anyone but was a planted situation.
    Regarding the accusations and lies Banda is now making regarding those who purportedly “abducted” him, should it not be easy to prove or disprove by the police doing a DNA test on his vehicle and his clothes.
    If Zambia police doesn’t have the technology, then hire it in from abroad.

  5. On 25th February 2020 ……Mweetwa had held a press conference . He asked why the PF government with all its resources had failed to find the gassers. He also wanted the govt to tell the people nation on what type of chemicals were being used. The UPND govt has been in power for three years now. With all the state resources it has now….Why have they failed to find the gassers?

  6. The writer and his friends failed to catch the people behind the Gassing….kikiki This article is just full of gas and farts. Lets be serious for once. A country and population that likes gossip more than being innovative and planning for the future. Its not rocket science, everyone knows who is behind JayJay’ abduction. A few days before JayJay’ abduction Lungu was issuing threats from the church pulpit ” i’m a dangerous man, a snake, i will make it hard for you to rule”. Soon after drama begins. Even the whole abduction is comedic, pure PF script. Falling ill before investigation and court appearances is a known treat of PF. Straight from GBM, Kambwili’ playbook. Fainting will not help JayJay, let him cooperate with ZP so that his abductors face the Law.

  7. ……….

    Let it be known………

    There was no organised gassing going on………

    In a country where mostpeople beluved in witchcraft and dupernatural powers, this …….

    Gassing saga was nothing more than hysteria by crowds that took on its own momentum………,

    this hystria was encouraged by PF who saw an opportunity to derail HH by blaming him……….

    Only the gassing illussions took on a life of its own and mobs got out of hand………..

    • Dejavu

      It not only from me………

      That is the general knowledge among world emmbasis in lusaka……….

      The gassing saga was not an organised event , but hysteria wipped commotions that took on a life of its own……….

      unfortunetly the GRZ of the day sat and watched hoping for a change of political fortunes had the finger of blame stuck to UPND…………

      As i said, zambia is a country where 80 to 90 % of the population beive in witchcraft and supernatural powers

  8. But surely we all know P1yefu propaganda & criminality is of immense proportions!. Didn’t Mr Ch1langwa vanish, similar to “the Central Police fiasco thug, first time he was charged, baile ku Mocambique, tefyo? How about K@1zer, Big Mkoshi C.K, & ka T@yalie?
    Who hid the homicidal Barber when State Police were looking for him? Add burning of markets & Gass1ng, for me 98% probability, all roads lead to Jamasoni Town. Napita!!


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