Thursday, July 25, 2024

Minister Gary Nkombo Launches Integrated Development Plans for Luapula Districts


Gary Nkombo
Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo pose for a group with Council Chairpersons from various districts in Luapula province during the launch of the Eight Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) for districts in the province at Sali Riverside Resort in Mansa district.

On Monday, June 17th, 2024, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Gary Nkombo, launched the Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) for eight districts in Luapula Province. The launch event took place at Sali Riverside Resort in Mansa district, where the Minister handed over the IDP booklet to Chifunabuli Town Council Chairperson, Charles Mulenga.

The IDPs are strategic planning instruments designed to provide a comprehensive framework for development in specific districts. These documents guide planning, budgeting, management, and decision-making across various sectors, emphasizing the integration of socio-economic and spatial planning. The goal is to ensure coherent and sustainable development that meets the needs of the local communities.

In his address, Minister Nkombo highlighted the importance of the IDPs in fostering coordinated development efforts and improving service delivery. “The Integrated Development Plans are essential tools that will help us achieve our vision for inclusive and sustainable development across all districts,” he stated.

The launch of the IDPs marks a significant step in the government’s efforts to enhance local governance and development planning. By providing a clear roadmap for growth and development, the IDPs aim to improve the quality of life for residents in the Luapula Province.

Minister Nkombo is scheduled to continue this initiative by launching the IDPs for districts in Muchinga Province on Tuesday, June 18th, 2024. This continued rollout demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring that all regions benefit from strategic and integrated planning efforts.

The IDPs will serve as a vital tool in addressing the unique challenges faced by each district, promoting economic development, and enhancing the delivery of essential services. The government is confident that with the implementation of these plans, districts will be better equipped to achieve their development goals and improve the well-being of their communities.


  1. When are you dealing with Forest 27? You ‘swore’ it was an exercise in futility and that as soon as HH was sworn in the bulldozers would be on the ground and raze the constructions and the forest would be regazzetted…its been 2 years now no action infact its growing…..very fast also we know some of your own have plots there.

    • Gary was very crucial to the winning of the general elections in 2021. Without his bravery to challenge the Electoral Commission of Zambia, we would have lost elections through manipulation by the Chuulu and Nshindano team. However, typical of the Tonga bull, he thwarted all their tricks making UPND become victorious
      However, he’s disappointed us on grazing down Forest 27 and the Luapula Chembe canal to supply water for power generation in Kafue river
      Zambians must hold him accountable on those scores

  2. Another pronouncement that will end on a piece of paper. Nkombo should ask his boss what happen to that piece of paper were he showed people calculations on how he will reduce the price of fuel. We are still waiting for the canal from Chembe to Zambezi river which Nkombo said was very easy.

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