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Stray Lions Kill 16 Cows in Zambezi, Prompting School Closures


A wave of fear has gripped the Zambezi West Bank as two stray lions, believed to have escaped from Kafue National Park, continue to wreak havoc in the region. Over the past two weeks, these lions have killed sixteen cows, prompting authorities to consider closing schools to ensure the safety of students.

The most recent attack occurred yesterday in the Mpindi area, where the lions killed three cows that were pulling an oxcart carrying a patient to Zambezi District Hospital. This incident brings the total number of cows killed by the lions to sixteen, with six of these attacks occurring on the east bank and ten on the west bank.

Zambezi District Commissioner Simeon Machayi expressed grave concern over the situation. “To protect human life, some schools on the West Bank will be closed as a precautionary measure. There is a real danger that pupils could be attacked on their way to school,” he stated in a telephone interview with ZNBC News in Solwezi.

Mr. Machayi also mentioned that officers from the Department of Parks and Wildlife have been dispatched to hunt the lions. However, their efforts have been hampered by a lack of transportation, making it challenging to track and capture the wild animals.

Despite the ongoing attacks, no human lives have been lost so far. Mr. Machayi has urged the public to remain vigilant and exercise caution while the search for the lions continues. He called on the community to assist in locating the lions to expedite their capture and restore safety to the district.

The situation has sparked widespread concern among residents, who fear further attacks on livestock and potential threats to human life. The local authorities are working tirelessly to resolve the crisis and ensure the safety of the Zambezi District’s inhabitants.


  1. Don’t we have drones somewhere within our defense wings, private companies or indeed private individuals to track these animals and capture them? 16 animals is way way too much.

  2. Lack of transport for a very urgent situation…. but available to harass the opposition. What a bunch of wankers.

    • Everything is political in your eyes. If this situation was urgent, why didn’t ECL and his PF thugs just do what you are alluding to?
      The government has been decentralized now. The local people can answer and attend to local problems better than someone in Lusaka.

    • I surmised the same too. The department of Parks and Wildlife lack transportation. But we saw a jeep cruiser at Breeze Radio Station deployed to monitor Nakacinda.

  3. We have been informed on ZNBC 13.15 news that the two stray lions have been killed by the police in Zambezi district.

  4. People who live near game reserves must be careful at all times especially at night as it has been observed that wild animals have started patronizing areas where people live in search of food.This has occurred in many parts of our country where lions,hynas have been reported killing livestock.Elephants have been reported entering in people’s gardens in some rural of southern province.

  5. Zawa team disbanded by HH. Maimwene in such cases now till another Zawa team is formed from Zambezi region .You see lions just climb atree as a-precaution measure till help comes from your local Zambezi police force. Just be strong kaili efyo mwalefwaya .Bally will fix the lions

  6. Why even capture them when they have already killed 16 cattle. Just kill them because they have found an easy catch. Next, it will be a human being. Even man’s best friend when the get rabies and go rogue, we simply put them down not out of malice, but for the preservation of mankind created to oversee over all God’s creations.

  7. Please when you write a story , try to give as much detail as you can. What happened to the people who wee manning the oxcart and the patient being ferried?

  8. Two tourists killed by Zambian elephants within a sapn of 6mon and now lions strayed and killed 16 cows. What’s the ministry of tourism/wildlife doing to stop this downward slide into killing tourism with the bad image and negative PR?

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