Tuesday, July 16, 2024

GOOGLE Enters Zambian ICT Space


American technology giant Google has entered the Zambian market to revolutionalise the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector following incentives given by the government.
Google, through it’s subsidiary, Google Cloud, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Technology and Science which will see the construction of a Center of Excellence in digital transformation, innovation, offering skills development and knowledge sharing.
Speaking at the signing ceremony in Lusaka, Technology and Science Minister Hon. Felix Mutati has disclosed that the incentives given to the private sector have played a key role in compelling Google to invest in Zambia.
He also disclosed that since the incentives were given a year ago, internet penetration has risen from 53% to 64%.
Mr. Mutati says in the last one year alone, the private sector has laid 5,000 kilometers of fibre optic, which brings the total to 25,000 kilometres of fibre optic laid since Zambia got its independence in 1964, this has significantly increased internent penetration.
“We gave incentives to the private sector last year and what we have witnessed is growth in internet penetration in the past one year. We even saw the entry of 5G which is impressive. This increase in Internet speed, penetration and other incentives given to the private sector has given Google a compelling reason to enter our ICT space,” said Mr. Mutati.
The Minister is hopeful that the coming of Google Cloud will help improve people’s lives.
He also said government is keen on utilising the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence is bringing to the nation.
And Google Cloud Director Global Strategic Initiatives Manuel Greisinger said the company is connecting Zambia to UMOJA, a fibre optic project which will run from Kenya through South Africa to Australia
Mr. Greisinger said UMOJA will help Zambia adapt fast to artificial intelligence so that government services and private sector work can be enhanced.
He said there is need for Zambia to harness the power of technology.
Meanwhile, Technology and Science Permanent Secretary Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu us hopeful that the signing of the MoU will lead to accelerated development in the country.
Dr. Habeenzu, who singed on behalf of the government, said Google is bringing alot of benefits in the country.
And Women in Technology Network Executive Chairperson Milimo Munyati said the signing of the MoU will enhance the work of those providing mentorship on digital transformation.
Ms. Munyati said her organisation will fully embrace the partnership to ensure that all women benefit from technology.


  1. Be very careful with goggle, they like to misuse information gathered. They’re not different from a snitch.

    • Yes thats my only worry. The US army will know every little thing happening in Zambian Army platoons and CIA will tamper with our elections whenever a socialist wants to take over.

  2. I miss the good old days of ZAMNET, that was even faster than developed countries’ internet those day

  3. This is to counter G5 …The fear of the chinese..anyway if you wish to see how best to utilise technology go to Rwanda…you can connect on internet for free almost anyway in the country…the Police there when they find you you pay buy card not cash…

  4. All I see are the benefits Zambia will be getting from this agreement. What is Google getting in return. How much money will they be making? Is there a provision for profit sharing?

  5. We’re being policed in a very fashioned diplomatic way because they have smelled the cookies in our country lets wake up and be vigilant Zed ppl!!! bless

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