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President Hichilema Conferred with Honorary Doctorate by Heriot-Watt University


President Hichilema Conferred with Honorary Doctorate by Heriot-Watt University
President Hichilema Conferred with Honorary Doctorate by Heriot-Watt University

In a momentous ceremony at Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh campus, President Hakainde Hichilema was conferred with an honorary doctorate. This prestigious recognition comes as a testament to his dedication to education and his journey from a humble rural village background to the highest office in Zambia.

Addressing the audience, President Hichilema expressed his hope that this honor would serve as an inspiration to millions of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Zambia. “Coming from a humble rural village background, we hope this will serve as inspiration for millions of our young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are currently receiving free education, bursaries, and skills training,” he stated.

President Hichilema reiterated his commitment to promoting education as the greatest investment for the nation. “We will continue to promote education, as we truly believe it is the greatest investment, equalizer, and inheritance for our citizens,” he added.

The President also expressed his gratitude to Heriot-Watt University for their support in providing full scholarships to Zambian students across various academic fields, including renewable energy, business administration, and cold storage. “We are thankful to Heriot-Watt University for providing us full scholarships for Zambian students in the various academic fields,” President Hichilema said.

This recognition by Heriot-Watt University highlights President Hichilema’s significant contributions to education and his efforts to uplift the lives of Zambians through access to quality education and skills training. The scholarships provided by the university will play a crucial role in empowering Zambian students and fostering future leaders in critical areas of development.


  1. Owee! Twachula nomba from Musamba, Mweetwa and other UPND cadres. If you dont call him Dr Hichilema ni straight Chimbokaila for defamation of the president

    • Congratulations, well deserved. Now, UNZA needs to withdraw or rename Edgar Lungu and Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s exceptional leadership and upholding the rule of law awards. Imagine if Lungu had won the last elections. We would be competing with “Zimbabwe ruines’ in terms of corruption, nepotism, violence and murder. Look at what is surfacing; MnangagwaChivhayo HIT By another Scandal – watch on YouTube. What was Zimbabwean convicted fraudster and controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo doing when he visited Lungu at State House in June 2019, was it about election tenders?

  2. Congrats Boss
    You make us proud all those you worked with at Cooper’s and lybrand.

  3. There’s a raging discourse on how to treat degrees of honoris causa. It will be interesting to see how this pans out in terms of usage. Same-all, same-all? Let’s see…


  5. Wow power, congrats.. i told you that he went for the honorary degree!!! Bwafya pa Zambia. The pride hast just sky rocketed, you do not call him Dr straight to prison.

  6. How i wish upnd pushed the nation economy & industrialiazation to this, imagine getting that honorary degree for excellent , good governance, that would be nice. Praise singers open the bottle of champagne, it is celebrations while pipo have no electricity & are in poverty.. yaba

  7. Snubbed Ramaphosa’s inauguration to get his doctorate, lol. Congratulations your Dr. Excellency, someone’s head will become bigger now.
    “We are the best, they recognized us at one of the best universities in the world, our work is visible around the world”.
    “Someone got a doctorate locally but us it’s the white people out there, we are global” .

  8. At the height of poverty? sir you could have instructed your high commissioner in london to collect this on your behalf but we understand even the rhetoric you used to feed us about meritorious promotion we wonder how your High Commissioner landed the post but we understand sir…we know…. But the Phd to good use.

    • From now on any of these publicity seeking Universities that want to bestow honorary doctorates on our fawning Political leaders should pay for their airfares and lodgings. We are a Third World country and dont have money to waste for air polluting trips. Where is our silly parliament? What is it doing to check such wastage?

  9. Some one please explain how this will inspire our rural youth to get a degree
    will they receive a phone call asking them to come in and collect their degree
    or will their still have to work very hard to get it and at a cost

    • C’mon now, what type of question is that? Did you read the story? The president from the village, humble beginnings rose to the highest offfice and received an honorary degree :). SO of course they “still have to work very hard to get it and at a cost”.

  10. Ahmed Sekou Toure, first President of Guinea: “When you are praised by the colonialist, it means that you are bad for your people. When they said you bad, it means that you are good for your people.The day they say I’m good that’ll mean I have betrayed you

  11. Not this “honorary doctorate” Bullcr@p again! He will now insist on this “DR bra, bra”! C’mon now my people, we are better than this. Make meaningful changes in people’s lives and measure lasting tangible results before you start patting yourself in the back. Then let your legacy speak for itself and be honoured long after your death. Not this honorary bulls**t that Kafupi Chiluba was fond of to inflate his short, small ego,

  12. Yaba, here we go again. Dr.2H, Dr. HH or Dr Hakainde. You chaps are just wasting your time and energy. Just use Bally, chapwa. He worked so hard for his speech especially the part that say’s Zambia has never experienced such drought since records begun. Awe sure, these gelenkas in suits are worse than the one who tried to steal from you in the night.

    • Is this really our worst drought? Is it worse than that El Nino thing we experienced in the 90s?
      Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest?

  13. Not necessary, not needed, not deserved etc… It’s about performance not titles. Something wrong with Zambian politician, it’s like they are from the same family.

  14. Bwana HH is deserving of this honor . At least in his reign HH hasn’t put Zambia into debt ,growing poverty and shrinking GDP like EC Lungu.


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