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UPND IS Killing Zambia – Socialist Party


Socialist Party (SP) Copperbelt Provincial spokesperson Reagan Kashinga says the UPND Government is killing Zambians and businesses over its failure to fix the electricity crisis compounded by prolonged hours of Zesco load shedding.

Mr. Kashinga said it was regrettable that load shedding was getting out of hand without the Government enforcing short-, medium- and long-term solutions to the national power deficit.

He charged that if the UPND regime was wise it would have quickly invested people’s money in alternative sources of energy amid the power deficit.

“As Socialist Party in the Copperbelt Province we wish to express our grave concern over the issue of prolonged hours of Zesco load shedding which is getting out of hand and negatively affecting the people of Zambia. Load shedding has been with us for some months without any signs of ending any time soon. What is more unfortunate is that Zesco has continued to cut power at will and without following the schedule they themselves made. We won’t develop as a nation with these long hours of load shedding that are not only killing businesses but people as well,” Mr. Kashinga said from Mufulira.

“Production of goods and services has drastically gone down with many of our people losing jobs especially among the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. What kind of leadership is the UPND regime providing when it is failing to provide for its people? The UPND has failed to fix the power problems which is contrary to its campaign promises. Zambians are regretting voting for leaders who are just good at talking without being pragmatic,” he said.

Mr. Kashinga noted that the UPND Government has not prioritized the power deficit problem which has negatively affected productivity.

“As Socialist Party in the Copperbelt Province we regret the failure by the UPND to quickly invest people’s money in alternative sources of energy amid the power deficit. We have not heard Government highlight short-, medium- or long-term solutions to the challenge of load shedding. Load shedding has exposed UPND leadership that it is a bunch of failures. UPND has not prioritized the power deficit problem. We remind the Government to think about the people. People voted for development which they have not seen,” he said.

Mr. Kashinga declared that capitalism which the UPND champions has failed to work in Zambia.

“We warned the people of Zambia that capitalists will fail them. Time is ripe to try Socialism. As Socialists we put people at the centre of development. We believe in Zambians first and a more humane society,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, to address the ongoing electricity challenges, the UPND government has announced its decision to recall at least 100 megawatts (MW) of power currently being exported.

This decision was revealed during a media engagement held by the Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, alongside the Minister of Energy, Hon. Peter Kapala.


  1. Prophecy
    HH: We will end loadshedding upon taking office
    HH: We have ended loadshedding within a short time after taking office
    Kapala: We will have no loadshedding this year because we have put in mitigating measures
    While in opposition president Hakainde Hichilema was on Radio Icengelo. An old man called and advised him to study the reasons for some of the failures he was promising to correct
    The old also told him to at least appreciate what his friends had achieved albeit some short comings
    He was adamant and infact asked the presenter to cut off this call.

    • Personally I don’t trust Mmembe and neither do I trust ECL or HH. What he says is said with tongue in the cheek.

    • Mmembe has no direction. The only thing he is consistent about is to oppose those in authority. Socialism doesnt work with a handful of followers. The Bolshevik revolution was supported by all in the USSR. In Zambia who supports this Socialist party? Mmembe and family members.

  2. Of course we are working towards ending load shading. It is FORWARD WITH THE NATION our motto.
    What is you motto?
    Socialism has failed after killing million of peasant farmers is 1927 and grabbed their food to feed others to make them as friends. In total Socialist has killed up date more than 65 million people.

  3. Communism, Socialism – Shared wealth. Unfortunately you have to create wealth before you can share it. Communism and socialism tend not to motivate individuals to work harder. Hence the collapse of all the economies of all the communist countries. Cuba has persevered with a resultant adverse economy.

  4. We don’t know when they shook off the capitalist tag. They should tell us when they abandoned capitalism

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