Thursday, July 25, 2024

Truck Impounded for Concealing Nuclear Gauge in Livingstone


The Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) has impounded a truck concealing a nuclear gauge hidden beneath bags of mealie meal. This incident raises serious concerns about the handling and transportation of potentially dangerous materials.

RPA Chief Executive Officer Boster Siwila confirmed the impoundment, revealing that the driver of the truck, whose identity has been withheld, is currently assisting authorities with their investigations. In an interview with ZNBC in Lusaka, Dr. Siwila emphasized the dangers posed by a nuclear gauge if it falls into untrained hands.

“A nuclear gauge is harmful when used by untrained hands,” Dr. Siwila stated, highlighting the potential risks to public safety. The concealment of such a device under bags of mealie meal suggests a deliberate attempt to evade detection, further complicating the situation.

In response to this incident, Dr. Siwila announced that the RPA has strengthened its surveillance mechanisms, particularly targeting the activities of scrap metal dealers. These dealers are at risk of exposing themselves to harmful radioactive waste, and the authority aims to mitigate this danger through enhanced monitoring and regulation.

“The authority has strengthened its surveillance mechanism on the activity of scrap metal dealers who face the danger of exposing themselves to harmful radioactive waste,” Dr. Siwila added.

The impoundment of the truck and the ongoing investigations underscore the importance of stringent regulations and vigilant enforcement to prevent the mishandling of radioactive materials. The RPA’s proactive measures aim to safeguard public health and ensure that dangerous substances are managed responsibly.


    • They are too late. More than 15 years ago a European journalist revealed that Zambia was the major route for illegally mined Uranium from DRC to Dar Maputo or Durban. Just by standing next to a truck carrying this mineral ore one can get kidney damage, lung damage and could develop cancers to other organs. Unwitting citizens would stand next to these trucks parked anywhere with their dangerous cargo as they traversed our country. Why has there been a spike in cancer cases in Zambia lately?

  1. I think the heading is a bit dramatic. A better heading would have been: Truck impounded for concealing radiation source”. The current heading is too dramatic and can send a bad message to the general public that can create panic. radiation sources are usually used in industry to weld detection and other non destructive testing.

    • The heading is the stuff of Kindergarten. If they had an editor worth his salt he could have realised how unclear this story title is: The truck concealed a nuclear gauge in Livingstone? Oh yeah – and got impounded for it?

  2. Dramatic NO !!!
    We need to be seen dong something so Sensationalising everything is our way to cover up
    our short comings

  3. Nuclear gauge is a standard tool for assessing integrity of e.g. roads and walls and other structures by passing a tiny amount of radiation through. Definitely needs to have a trained operator although probably not extremely dangerous

  4. LT just call it what it is – a nuclear radiation detector .By sayin “nuclear gauge’ you send panic to the public about a potential nuclear detonation in Zambia.

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