Tuesday, July 16, 2024

No Load shedding for ZNS Milling Plants


The Zambia National Service (ZNS) milling plants across the country will be exempt from load shedding, according to ZNS Commander Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi. This strategic decision by ZESCO aims to boost mealie meal production and enhance the availability of this essential commodity, ultimately stabilizing its market price.

Lieutenant General Solochi announced this initiative during a courtesy call on Kalabo District Commissioner Musangu Njamba. He highlighted the critical role of uninterrupted power supply in ensuring continuous production at ZNS milling plants, which is vital for maintaining mealie meal stocks and supporting price stability.

“The exemption from load shedding for ZNS milling plants is a strategic move to ensure a steady production of mealie meal, which is crucial for market stability,” stated Lieutenant General Solochi.

Commissioner Njamba underscored the impact of erratic electricity supply in Western Province, noting that it has significantly reduced the availability of mealie meal in the district. He expressed optimism that the decision to exempt ZNS milling plants from load shedding would alleviate these challenges.

“The sporadic supply of electricity has greatly affected mealie meal production in our district. This decision by ZESCO and ZNS will undoubtedly improve the situation and ensure a consistent supply of mealie meal for our residents,” said Commissioner Njamba.

This initiative is part of broader efforts to address the energy challenges impacting food production and market stability in Zambia. By prioritizing the energy needs of key production facilities, the government aims to ensure food security and affordability for all citizens.


  1. What is ZNS MILLING ???
    All they are doing is contracting maize out to private millers who bag it under the ZNS LOGO
    Why cant that maize be given straight to the millers and avoid the middle mans charges

  2. Why not extend this to all Milling Plants. This country has gone to the dogs where people are made to celebrate loadshedding exemptions. We have a government that has failed in all areas. All they are good at is promising heaven while delivering hell.

    • I am now realising that is exactly what is happening
      Everyone praising ZNS and they are doing very little in their own plants
      All mills should be included indeed
      Loadshedding could have been averted to a large extent if they took action start of 2023

  3. The whole country should be exempted from loadsheding people…now they’re trying to normalize the abnormal….chipante pante Government…in opposition HH had a big mouth…

  4. @tikki, just for interests sake,.what actions do you suggest government should have taken in early 2023 to avert load shedding?

    • They could have put us on a 2 hour schedule, this would had little affection on our Industries ans small scale businesses, Kariba has been in its 20% + for a couple of years now, Most seem to believe come the rains we back to normal I believe we will continue well into next year and who knows beyond.
      We have engineers heading Zesco in top management I believe who cannot see beyond their nose
      with very little common sense THEY MUST GO

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