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Outstanding Public Institutions Awarded on Africa Public Service Day


The Africa Public Service Day was commemorated in Lusaka, with Vice President Mutale Nalumango officiating the event. The celebration, held under the theme “Empowering a Centric Public Service for an Inclusive and Thriving 21st Century Africa: A Journey of Lifelong Learning and Technological Transformation,” highlighted the government’s commitment to enhancing public service delivery through continuous improvement and digital transformation.

The theme aligns with the government’s dedication to fostering development across all regions of the country. Vice President Nalumango emphasized the importance of lifelong learning in the public sector, stating, “The government is committed to lifelong learning for continued improvement in public service delivery.”

Key initiatives undertaken by the government in line with this year’s theme include the sponsorship of government officials in various leadership and management programs, such as Strategic Management, Economic Governance, Public-Private Partnerships, Public Procurement, and Digital Literacy. The government also recognizes the significant role of management development institutions in enhancing public service capabilities.

Progress has been made towards the re-introduction of mandatory examinations for public service workers at the National Institute for Public Administration and Chalimbana Local Government Institute. Vice President Nalumango assured continued investment in capacity development within the public service to enhance conduct, efficiency, and productivity.

In support of digital transformation, the government is implementing several policies, including the National Digital Transformation Strategy, the National ICT Policy of 2023, and the National Electronic Government Plan.

During the event, several public institutions were awarded for their outstanding performances in various categories:

Most Performing Public Institution:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Community Development and Social Services
  • Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)

Most Ethical and Inclusive Public Institution:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
  • Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)

Most E-Transformed and Innovative Institution:

  • Workers Compensation Fund Control Board
  • National Prosecution Authority
  • Zambia Metrology Agency

Most Customer Centric Institution:

  • Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • National Heart Hospital
  • Ministry of Transport and Logistics

Best Exhibitor:

  • Smart Zambia
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)

    Vice President Nalumango praised these institutions for their exceptional performances, noting that the government aspires to maintain a public service capable of earning and retaining the trust and confidence of its citizens.

The event showcased the government’s resolve to take development to all parts of the country, ensuring that public service remains inclusive and forward-looking in the 21st century.


  1. Madam Nalumango is likely to leave a legacy as the most underperforming VP so far. Even the little efforts she makes are misdirected. We’ve a serious hunger situation in the country and the department that deals with that sits at her Ministry. She’s supposed to be in the countryside giving people hope instead of officiating useless awards. If you want to know how these public institutions are doing, ask the public and you’ll realize that none deserves an award

  2. Thats a good way to go. we need KPIs in our public institutions. Many pipo working in govt agencies have become too lazy, due to systemic lack of performance reviews.


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