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There is no US base in Zambia, Army Commander


Zambia Army Commander Sitali Alibuzwi says there is no US base in Zambia contrary to some assertions that the United States US has a military base in Zambia.

Lieutenant General Alibuzwi has clarified that Zambia had been cooperating with the US AFRICOM for over 15 years and that it was unfortunate that some individuals who had the correct information projected a false image.

Lt. General Alibuzwi added that the Zambia Army received military assistance in terms of courses and training which did not interpret into a base being created.

In a statement , the Zambia Army Commander was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on the Zambia High Commission, in Gaborone, Botswana.

“We have been cooperating with the US AFRICOM for quiet some years now, more than 15 years. I want to assure everyone that there is no base.

“ Of course we do receive some military assistance in terms of courses, training and medical support this does not interpret into a base and therefore it is unfortunate that even those who have got correct information go way out to falsify things and project an image which is not there, thereby creating fear to the extent of our neighbours and this is unfortunate, ” he said.

Lt. Col. Alibuzwi was in Botswana to attend the African Chiefs of Defence Conference (ACHOD) 2024, which was being co-hosted by the Botswana Defence Force and the US Africa Command.

The ACHOD provides an opportunity for senior military officials from across Africa to discuss topics such as counter terrorism, collaboration in crisis response, and the importance of civilian and military relations.

At the sidelines of the Conference, General Alibuzwi held bilateral discussions with General Charles Q. Brown Jr, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Michael E. Langley, US Africa Command Combatant General.

The discussions centred on matters of Defence and Security development in Zambia and continued Defence Cooperation with the US military.

Lt. Col. Alibuzwi later interacted with the Zambian students training in the Botswana Defence Force Colleges.


  1. It was from foreign news reports that we learned that LPM had allowed Zambia to be one of the detention centers for US terror suspects after the 9/11 attack, just like was Guantanamo Bay. Similarly, when the SIM registration exercise started, there were reports that it was a US sponsored exercise but it was denied. Later we saw ZICTA move into the former US embassy and we made silent conclusions. It’s the same even this time around. We see Yankees in Kapiri and Mupepetwe, South Down airport, etc and we understand

  2. The base is in ibex hill, ask the residents in the area near the embassy. Anyway I think Zambia should charge that Zambian chap who happens to be president of Zimbabwe with ‘Episinoji’…iwe Episinoji is in chimbwinglish, don’t argue.

  3. The US Secretary of State and Ambassadors are usually protected by Marines. These can be mistaken for US soldiers when they are just protecting the embassies. There is need to monitor US military activities in Zambia

  4. There is no smoke without fire, with the western puppets in leadership in mother Zambia… muzungu anikonde… do not believe what comes out of their mouth

  5. It is said that there is no smoke without fire, with the western puppets in leadership in mother Zambia

  6. Many of the comment writes are most unpatriotic.
    Emmerson Mnangagwa made his vile remarks about Zambia to be mischievous.
    You would choose to believe a foreigner like Mnangagwa over your distinguished military leader?
    Commander Sitali Alibuzwi is universally respected (in Africa and the world), yet some of you are casting dispersions on his truthful statement.
    I say shame on you all for your treasonous behaviour.

  7. All of you are just wasting bundles typing here, wether there is a base or no base is irrelevant. What we are grappled with now is almost 5 million Zambians at risk of starvation, not because of the drought only but because the government sold the maize at FRA which was in our reserves claiming they wanted to pay farmers who supplied maize. Who gave this ill timed advice that when farmers are not paid, you temper with your reserves instead of looking for money elsewhere to pay them. A misfiring ruling party and an impotent opposition in Zambia is a bigger calamity than the bases you are discussing here.

    • You are not wise but 4oolish. Who told you that the starvation is because Maize was sold. Did Zimbababwe,Botswana or Malawi also sell their maize since they’re are facing the same drought situation?

    • You are the full, you chap called Katana. Who told you that we are in the same boat with the countries you are mentioning.

  8. why Zimbabwe fear Americans? we suffer in Zimbabwe because of Chinese, Russians they took our minerals in exchange of weapons. in Zambia we see developments it is better to play with good friends than playing with looters especially those from east.

  9. We can have as many if we want, that has nothing to do with Zim problems. If my neighbour wants to eat chicken and I can not afford itm why should it be a problem for me??

  10. With or without “Africom” Hakainde must go. He is more of liability not only to Zambia but to Africa in General. He is such a backward character. He has deeply dented his Tonga tribe by behaving in the manner he had behaved this far.

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