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Patriotic Front Expels President Miles Sampa


Former President Edgar Lungu and Miles Sampa

The Patriotic Front (PF) has expelled its President, Miles Sampa. The decision was made by the PF Central Committee and confirmed by PF Secretary General Morgan Ng’ona during a press briefing held in Lusaka.

Mr. Ng’ona attributed the expulsion to Mr. Sampa’s association with leaders of the United Kwacha Alliance and his alleged tendency to make unilateral decisions without the approval of the PF Central Committee.

“The expulsion of Mr. Sampa is a result of his consistent disregard for party protocol and his independent decision-making, which has undermined the unity and integrity of the party,” stated Mr. Ng’ona.

In the wake of Mr. Sampa’s expulsion, the PF Central Committee has appointed Robert Chabinga, the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly, as Acting President of the party. Mr. Chabinga assured that despite his new role, he will continue to serve as the Leader of Opposition.

“All decisions recently made by Mr. Sampa, including the appointment of Kalulushi Member of Parliament Kampamba Mulenga, are hereby declared null and void,” announced Mr. Chabinga. “Our priority is to restore order and ensure that all actions are in line with the Central Committee’s directives.”

Meanwhile, Miles Sampa responded to the expulsion on his Facebook page, dismissing the Central Committee’s decision and criticizing their actions. “After they fail to get a court injunction, they drink tu junta and start making dreamland pronouncements – lol. I appointed them months ago & they thanked me but now can’t stomach the appointment reversal. Their crazy ranting should be ignored,” Sampa posted.

The PF’s internal conflict marks a significant moment for the party, as it navigates through leadership changes and strives to maintain cohesion ahead of future political challenges.


  1. Kekekeke, I thought it was ZaYellow and Mumbi Mukasa Phiri who expelled that cool-mad-man Kilometers Sampa.
    I didn’t know there is another PF of idyots..

    • Sampa expelled for the umpteenth time! Ba aspiring ntambalukuta kuibwelamofye! Or join UKA since it is still leader less you could wiggle your way to the top and 2026 it could be His Excellency Miles Sampa!

    • Divided parties never win elections, period. What did you do about the review recommendations of the 2021 elections loss?

  2. I think we need to borrow Bukina Faso’s President Ibrahim Traore in Zambia just for one year….too much fooling around in Zambia…and we expect Zambia to develop

  3. We need to get rid of all Politicians in Zambia …we need Bukina Faso Ibrahim Traore to come and rule Zambia just for 1 year

  4. Stinks of Edgar Lungu trying to use underhanded methods to parachute himself to the PF presidency. But wasn’t Sampa not kicked out of PF long time ago by the same Lungu and went on to form his own ‘Kantempa’ party? When did he get back into the PF?
    Anyway this “Central Committee” argument is ridiculous. Whe someone is elected a president of a party, he or she is like a CEO of a company, empowered to make decisions for and on behalf of the party, as long as those decisions are within his/her constitutional mandate. So why should they keep running back to the Central Committee for every decision?

    • In any case PF should never be near the corridors of Zambian power again, particularly with their current crop of politicians who messed up the country so badly. Bring in new people with new ideas, and the current ones should retire already. Sure the current guys are not any better but PF is the worst really I my opinion.

    • Communist parties openly work like that. The Chinese Central Committee is soo powerful the chairman does get removed if he digresses. I think capitalists also behave similarly. Even Trump had to make sure he had high-ranking republicans in his pocket before he ran.

  5. If the courts were not acting under instructions, this charade wouldn’t be there. Miles Sampa was supported by the Upnd who want to destroy the opposition and inspite of not following the procedures, Miles Sampa was confirmed president of the PF. People can laugh at this but in the long run we will all regret that the Upnd will be free to pass any law that will fit their agenda.

    • This excuse of heaping blame on UPND all the time wont help this embattled PF in any way. PF’s problems are internal to it caused by the numerous shady characters that form the core of PF’s uncouth leadership. They are their own enemies by what they are. They are a bunch of very deceitful characters that are in it primarily for their individual benefits and survival. They see the party as the source of their livelihood and not as a service to the country. Nothing good for the country can come out of such deceitful characters in leadership positions.

    • You don’t understand anything. PF may have been bad but like bitter medicine we need them. Once HH gets the power he’s looking for you will cry because he will do anything he wants…. even his supporters will suffer. Again I say you don’t know anything.

  6. @ Enka
    Do we even have a constitution???? How come our leaders just do things from their own head without following the constitution if we have one….why is Nevers Mumba and Kavindele still on Government payroll??….you leave office and continue getting 80% of your salary….only in Zambia

  7. Miles Sampa is an attention seeker…..like i said can we borrow Bukina Faso’s President Ibrahim Traore just for 1 year to come and sort out our electricity challenges….Bukina Faso now has Zero loadsheding and if Ibrahim Traore continues as the President of Bukina Faso for the next 5 years Bukina Faso will be 10 times more developed than Ruanda

    • Ours is controlled by Joe Biden. Trump maybe racist but one thing about him he doesn’t interfere in our affairs. Gaddafi was assassinated during the time Biden was vice president.

  8. But this one is not good for democracy because we still need a very strong opposition to make sure that they hold the other camp accountable, this way all Zambian would have benefited a lot.

  9. The leaders we have in Zambia are drama queens. No wonder thy can not deliver on their mandated missions. They spend all their time fighting each other and plotting against one another. All this while Zambians are hungry and have no electricity. This is the situation that foreign powers want our country to be. This way it is easy for them to get our minerals free of charge

  10. noun. , Usually Disparaging. a small, poor country, often reliant on a single export or limited resource, governed by an authoritarian regime and characterized by corruption and economic exploitation by foreign corporations conspiring with local government officials.

  11. @ Logic
    Exactly….we have drama queen Politicians…yes they spend time plotting how to destroy each other at the expense of developing Zambia…The party in Government…the opposition all useless….and the unfortunate thing is Zambians find it entertaining …..just how absurd

  12. @ Logic
    Exactly….we have drama queen Politicians…yes they spend time plotting how to destroy each other at the expense of developing Zambia…The party in Government…the opposition all useless….and the unfortunate thing is Zambians find it entertaining …..just how absurd….

  13. PF has been a party like that even from its start. Even ECL was not properly elected at Mulungushi. I do not understand PF. Why do they link all their incidents to UPND. PF is something else.

    • I have always said that PF is a lawless party perpetrated by a lawyer.That one who eat a snake in Mbala and is now boasting that he is a snake.Am afraid the same lawlessness will affect UKA because it has some small serpents which are using churches to spread venom

      By the way, someone should warn Kalaba that he is now a “person of interest” of the US government for his involvement in unpalatable activities of Mnangagwa & Associates. As for republican presidential candidate ?: He is compromised

  14. And when are we going to find time to discuss ideas about developing Zambia..about finding solutions for electricity…..clean water…health….5 years in power and 5 years Politics 24/7

  15. All these are HH’s schemes. He instructed the police and his UPND_Govt wings to facilitate the destruction of PF. Miles Sampa is the only opposition political leader in the history of our great nation to be given police protection. What a circus?? The sooner Hakainde is shown the door the better for our country’s democracy and economic development. Hakainde has greatly dented his tribe’s standing in the eyes of many other tribes in Zambia. We hope that the peace and unity loving Tonga’s will dismiss Hakainde’s character for the sake of our nation. Hakainde is not as bright as people made him to be, “numbers don’t lie” check your mealie meal, fuel, Kwacha exchange rate, prices of commodities etc etc. HH must go.

  16. In Zambia Politicians have more power than the people who vote for them no wonder they can do as they wish…..Politicians in Zambia are untouchable…we need a revolution in order to straighten things up….way too much nonsense….MPs just sit in Parliament and wait for their hefty salaries and gratuity…whilst the President is busy scheming how he can still hold on to power for the next 20 years…..
    Livingstone City council is one of the most corrupt councils in the country

    • Ok. So you want to cover for PF’s confusion by blaming HH? PF was always a disorganised, chaotic party. Remember when Sata expelled 18 MPs or when ECL was voted in as president using pangas? If indeed HH has a hand in this (which has been officially rubbished by the way) it is only because the thuggish nature of the party lends itself to easy confusion. UPND survived efforts of destabilisation first by MMD and then by PF. Why do you think that is so?

    • Nope , HH is well meaning its just that the tough environment of Zambia’s debts and other handicaps he inherited dealt his mission almost impossible .

  17. @ Makunku
    Am non Partisan ….am just a Patriot Zambian who’s been living in the diaspora for more than 30 years…i don’t subscribe to any Politician



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