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President Hakainde Hichilema, Hunger is Biblical, but so is Poor Leadership


President Hichilema’s recent assertion that “hunger is biblical” and his astonishment at the lack of understanding from Zambians did not surprise me. This is the same man known for making false promises and spreading misinformation. Since he chose to use the Bible to justify his statement, I will use it to prove him wrong.

President HH referred to the Pharaoh’s dream in the book of Genesis, where the Pharaoh dreamed of seven healthy cows being devoured by seven sickly cows and seven plump ears of grain being consumed by seven thin and scorched ears. Joseph interpreted the dream as a divine warning of seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.

However, President HH missed a crucial point. The Pharaoh wisely sought guidance on how to prepare for the disaster, and Joseph, a wise and capable man, advised him to store food during the years of plenty to sustain the nation during the famine. It is the leader’s responsibility to anticipate and plan for hardship, especially food security. Southern Africa has always experienced cycles of drought every 5-7 years, as noted by explorer David Livingstone as early as 1858.

When President HH took office, he inherited millions of metric tons of maize from his predecessor, President Lungu. Instead of using them wisely to ensure food security and prepare for future crises, he quickly sold them off without considering future consequences. Now he questions why Zambians don’t understand that hunger is biblical. Knowing the Bible requires more than just familiarity with a few stories; it requires wisdom and foresight, which President HH lacks.

President HH is known for making reckless statements without consideration and wasting resources while masses starve. Who can live in two State Houses when millions can hardly afford a meal? Instead of acknowledging mistakes, and offering solutions, he criticizes and blames others for his shortcomings. This is not the leadership Zambia needs.

The story President HH referenced shows that the Hebrews became slaves in Egypt because of hunger, exchanging their land for food in Egypt, which led to their enslavement. This should be a cautionary tale for Zambia. Due to poor leadership and mismanagement, our country has become dependent on foreign aid and loans, sacrificing our sovereignty and resources for temporary relief from hunger. Millions of hectares of land are being sold to foreigners like pieces of toilet paper.

The Bible condemns both hunger and poor leadership. Proverbs 28:3 says, “A ruler who oppresses the poor is like a driving rain that leaves no crops.” Proverbs 29:4 states, “By justice a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down.” These verses speak to HH’s heartlessness and Zambia’s current dire situation, where the government has failed to provide economic stability and is plagued by corruption, greed, and food insecurity amidst narcissistic leadership.

I urge President HH to educate himself on biblical interpretation before using it to justify his failures. As a self-confessed Church elder, he should guide and lead others in the right direction, not spread false information and misguided interpretations of the Bible.

Hunger may be biblical, but the bible is critical of poor leadership. Like the Pharaoh, our leaders must seek guidance and make wise decisions for the nation’s benefit, not just their own. Zambians must demand better leadership and hold leaders accountable. Only then can we break free from the cycle of hunger and poor leadership. Ensuring food security for the nation is a constitutional responsibility of the President, but not for HH.

By Kapya Kaoma


  1. I think we need to get rid of these Weste4n puppet Politicians…Bukina Faso’ s Ibrahim Traore is so inspiring….Western puppet Politicians are giving away our wealth for personal gain

    • It is either you are a ”western puppet” or ”eastern puppet”. Under PF we were under eastern puppet, where china gave blank cheques to PF government, this led to financial embezzlement at astronomical scales

  2. As a country we urgently need an action oriented President… HH is not equal to the task. He is ever justifying his failure to the former government and now asking us to treat all economical.hardships as biblical.
    HH and other old politicians should go.

  3. The USA and others cannot solve our problems. They profit from our misery and as such they wouldn’t want this cycle to end.
    Local shylocks love to lend money to drunkards because they keep on coming for more. Repay the shylock within a few days from when you borrowed, he will never lend you money again m

    • No he’s right it’s bibilical not bib_lical because the story he narrated is not in the Bible kkkkk

  4. This is wickedness to the core… why didnt he not preach this during his stint in opposition then? Why now… these guys think pipo are foolish, he was busy bashing everything ecl did… yaba. zwaaaahhh

  5. why didnt he not preach this during his stint in opposition then? Why now… he was busy bashing everything ecl did… yaba. zwaaaahhh

  6. The elder when he said hunger being biblical, was very right but where the problems are, he has made a lot of promises which again are hanging him at the end. Better you don’t say or make any promise then, as time itself goes by, things get back to normal. It is not by many words that people will appreciate that, our President has worked but by your silent action.

  7. This American puppet, HH, has failed. Nothing to show for it, except hunger, load shedding and foreigners looting Zambia’s natural resources with impunity. Mediocre leadership with extremely poor planning. This puppet must go, come 2026, otherwise Zambia is doomed.

  8. Zambia is also doomed if a new youthful party is not formed soon
    we cannot recirculate these spent politicians time and time again


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