Thursday, July 25, 2024

Edgar Lungu has no moral standing – Mweetwa


Chief Government Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa says former President Edgar Lungu has no moral standing or merit to claim that he is a defender of the Constitution when he committed some of the most brutal attacks during his tenure.
Mr Mweetwa who is also Minister of Information and Media said it is shocking that Mr Lungu during a media briefing described the current Constitution, which was ushered in during his tenure, as celebrated and admired in the region when he is aware of the many lacunas it has.
Speaking at a media briefing in Namwala today, Mr Mweetwa said claims by Mr Lungu that his legacy is anchored on ushering a constitution which is admired by many citizens and celebrated nationally and regionally are unsubstantiated.
Mr Mweetwa said what people remember is that his legacy is anchored on violation of the rule of law and the promotion of political violence and caderism.
Meanwhile, Mr Mweetwa said the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration has no part in the loss of parliamentary seats for the nine Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament (MPs) saying what the former ruling party is going through are self-inflicted injuries.
He said Parliament had to declare the seats vacant in line with the Constitution and not the UPND.


  1. And so are you. In fact some of the things you say are grossly exaggerated…. you make it sound there was mayhem everywhere and everyday.
    Yes he was bad but you are worse…you are using gestapo and communistic tactics to silence people.

    • You “stupid *****”. What’s good about the Defunct TuPF crimminal government?
      Only in your backside was it good
      Mulenya mulelapila because you will never come back to power m****** mwe
      No Zambian can substitute what we’re enjoying now with your caderism, corruption, tribalism, killing of innocent people, and what have you
      Vote wisely vote for HH7 in 2026/31

    • Thank you for showing us how backward your tribe is. All your insults against me go to show how short on ideas and how desperate you are.

    • Mweetwa, with the lies you told the Zambian people ….. its all now catching up. My advice is learn from Ruto and quickly make amends. Ruto’s lies and his bedroom antics with IMF have caught up with him.

    • SishuwaX2 can you please answer my question?
      Personal attacks all the time under the guise of Chief Government Spokesperson. We the taxpayers cant be paying for a vuvuzela to shout down the ruling party’s rivals. This Ministry should be abolished! We dont need it. Government deserves someone who can explain what it is doing for the masses. Edgar Lungu Edgar Lungu everyday. Loadshedding is the main problem! Ihave seen elsewhere that Tanzania is busy constructing pylons to export power to Zambia. Thats what you should be explaining both you and your local media

    • Indeed I would like to know how Tanzania’s pylons will reach urban Zambia since they will end at a place where Zambia has no pylons. Has Zambia started constructing pylons to the border?
      Or is Tanzania going to construct these up to Kasama or Kapiri? Such information should be coming from the government spokesperson

  2. We in serious trouble and you still want to waste your time crutizing other parties
    let’s talk about your failed foresight and monotoring of Dam levels that has put this country in serious trouble. And Zesco sms’s us saying its the El Nino and Drought only….
    You may eventually go the same was as UNIP and PF

    • Tikki,spare the Zambians about UPND lack of foresight BS.Even if there was a drought alert,did you expect UPND to construct dams across the country within a year with the empty coffers PF left
      Coming to a think about droughts. It has long been known since the forties,mosly by western weather forecasters, that southern Africa is a drought-prone region. One wonders why successive African governments perhaps with the exception of Zimbabwe, have ignored this existential threat to build massive water reservoirs

  3. Mweetwa, Garry Nkombo, Hakainde and Jack Mwimbu are a threat to our national security. We know there are also some pons in community house, but those will simply wither when Hakainde is out of power soon. The biggest worry is how this cutail has managed to dent paint their tribe in a bad light in the eyes of other Zambian tribes. They have no clue whatsoever.

  4. Now UPND and HH have forgotten all their campaign promises….now its Politics 24/7….playing ncho-chise with Edgar… might be depressing living in Zambia….i seriously can’t manage

  5. It seems Edgar Lungu had a better sharp deeper eye in noticing and identifying leadership material than this lot of incompetent ministers like cash fingering Garry Nkombo, talkative and publicly disliked cornelius mweetwa and holy Jack Mwiimbu. Honestly Edify Hamukale is better leadership material than all these three put together at their best, atleast the guy was close to the people and compassionate and not this mountain of pride in people like mweetwa. Atleast we felt we had a representative in Edify than these holy ones

  6. we miss Edify Hamukale than these holy ones like publicly disliked mweetwa. That Edify guy is a born leader suppressed by these national liabalities like mweetwa, nkombo and mwiimbu who think parliament is personal to holder for almost half a century

  7. The way Zambia’s constitution was done was faulty.It has serious lacunas in it and no president should be “the father of the constitution” bcuz it should have been put to a nationwide referendum for approval by the people instead of a few hundred persons.

    • Enka.The Consitution should not be put to a referendum. Its a waste of time.I have severally challenged the legal minds at our mighty Law Association of Zambia to come up with a draft constitution that can be rubber-stamped by both the citizens and parliament.That way,we shall rest assured of zero lacunas in our long-suffering constitutions.
      If they fail,consult me,I am half way done,only stuck with how to balance power relationships between Central and local government

    • Very true ,that document should have had 6 months of public sensitization,presentation and education to voters thru national media and public rallies to sell its details to the public.Then a referendum.

      No constitutional document should be approved by 0.001% of Zambians with serious conflicts of interests to decide the fate of 18m people.

  8. Edgar Lungu’s true legacy is the huge debt burden,serious violations of rule of law and the sustained downward spiral of Zambia’s economy under his watch.

    Anything else he says equals stories of a drunk marketplace goat.


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