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Zambia’s democracy is in ICU under HH – Steve Chungu


FORMER Government Chief Whip Steve Chungu has charged that Zambia’s democracy is in the Intensify Care Unit under President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration.

Speaking in an interview Mr Chungu said the political happenings in the country were very worrying and a serious threat to democracy.

Mr Chungu who is also former Luanshya Constituency Member of Parliament said the recent nullification of nine Parliamentary seats held by the Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) by the speaker of the national assembly is a serious indicator that the growth of democracy in the country is under threat.

“Our democracy is in the Intensify Care Unit under Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s administration,” Mr Chungu said.

He said attempts by the UPND Government to turn Zambia into a one party state will not work saying that Zambians are fully awake politically.

Meanwhile, Mr Chungu said the reconciliation between Matero Constituency Member of Parliament Miles Sampa and former President Edgar Lungu is welcome.

” I think to me, the reconciliation is welcome if it has been done sincerely, what Miles has done that is what any normal human being should do,” Mr Chungu said.

He said Mr Sampa has demonstrated that what he did to the PF was not right adding that the former ruling party is for every Zambian.

He said the stance taken by Mr Sampa to reconcile should be applauded by every well meaning Zambian.

” We must live as one and we must have the heart to forgive one another regardless of our political differences,” Mr Chungu said.


  1. You “stupid I’d**t”. What’s good about the Defunct TuPF crimminal government?
    Only in your backside was it good
    Mulenya mulelapila because you will never come back to power you dogs
    No Zambian can substitute what we’re enjoying now with your caderism, corruption, tribalism, killing of innocent people, and what have you
    Vote wisely vote for HH7 in 2026/31

  2. Thank you for showing us how backward your tribe is. All your insults against me just go to show how short on ideas and how desperate you are.

  3. Mweetwa, Garry Nkombo, Hakainde and Jack Mwimbu are a threat to our national security. We know there are also some pons in community house, but those will simply wither when Hakainde is out of power soon. The biggest worry is how this cutail has managed to dent paint their tribe in a bad light in the eyes of other Zambian tribes. They have no clue whatsoever.

  4. Hon Chungu must be very careful with this government. They will start digging up something against him… going as far as the time he took some sweets ku olofeya.

  5. The latest is that there is no agreement or reconciliation between Miles Sampa and ECL. So your thesis does not hold any water. The fact that you Former Whip is now out out power does not spell an end to Zambia’s Freedom. Thanks to New Dawn Government we are now becoming a normal country without any more stupid road blocks. Imagine how we lived as workers under PF and MMD. Everyday when going for work we were asked by Kachasu smelling cops where we were going.

  6. Zambia is a christian country. I regrate that none of the zambians understand what christian means! Your Edgar Lungu acted diabolical to the citizens and went to an extent of sending many to the yonder realms. That was total devilish and fiendish before the eyes of the Most High! Remember that when things fall apart they are not easy togather, hence colaborate to fix and amend the destroyed things. Cristisisms will not solve any thing.



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