Thursday, July 25, 2024

President Hichilema Urges Young People To Preserve Culture


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged young people in the country to preserve, support, and pass on the cultural heritage to generations to come.

President Hichilema said this is important because that is where the nation’s values and respect, as well as the acknowledgement of the importance of love and unity in the communities are established.
The President was speaking in Kazungula District during the Bene Mukuni Lwiindi Ceremony.

“It’s extremely important that we do this. This culture delivers to us and our children the importance of solidarity and respect for each other even within our diversity,” he said.
He said unity is not contradictory to diversity, stating that unity is also not contradictory to the people, but embraces diversity and longevity of views, characters and broader sense.
The Head of State asked Chiefs to support each other so that the subjects learn from them and pick the aspect of collaboration, which he said is important to the country.
“There is nothing better than the custom of love and unity as we work to deliver development to all parts of the country. We know the countries that are going through instability and we know the most and price of instability, this country should not even think an inch about causing instability with itself, that’s a no go area, ” President Hichilema said.

The President said 2024 is a special year for the country as it celebrates 60 years of independence.
“I want to express here to our people that the government of Zambia working with traditional leaders and the church is committed to ensuring that two things happen, one, is to make sure we feed the people during this difficult time as a result of the drought. The second thing is we must increase or improve our resilience to be out of drought or whatever calamity associated with climate change. Again, here unity comes in.” The President said.

He stated that politics should not take precedence as government works to feed the people and increase resilience, adding that it is time to work together, irrespective of political, religious or ethnic affiliation.

” So, we invite traditional leaders, church leaders, political leaders that let us galvanise our people to carry our country through this drought and we will make it, no matter how difficult, we shall succeed. One of the things we will, and happy about to do, God has opened our eyes that we must have energy diversity, we must have irrigation-based agriculture and then we will be able to look after the people going forward, ” President Hichilema said

He also said the country must promote tourism in Livingstone, Mfuwe, Kafue National Park, Kasaba Bay, and Barotse Plains, further indicating that the resources should be used to benefit the people.
Meanwhile, Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Garry Nkombo said it is gratifying to see the presence of 52 traditional leaders attending the Bene Mukuni Lwiindi Ceremony, which he says has demonstrated unity and peace.

Bene Mukuni Lwiindi ceremony organising Chairperson, Jonas Shakafuswa urged political leaders in the country not to divide the people on political grounds.
52 Chiefs from across the country attended this year’s ceremony, among them were Paramount Chief Mpezeni and Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.


  1. Useless and demagogue President…Preserving culture whilst he’s busy bankrupting the country makaka….please 2026 vote this liar in chief out of office ….we need to find our own version of Ibrahim Traore….Bandit Lungu should also step aside

  2. @ FCB
    Continue with your useless slogans whilst serious men the Ibrahim Traores are busy developing their countries …
    We just need 1 brave military man to lead Zambia into a prosperous country. .to hell with stupid democracy

    • Imwe ba Anonymous, Power doesn’t equate to brains. The military isn’t qualified to rule by virtue of its fingers on the triggers. Even Netanyahu’s army is learning this. There are hundreds of army coup failures all over Africa from Idi Amin, Mobutu, Acheampong, Mengistu etc etc
      If a civilian president fails he can be replaced civily. And we in Zambia were the first to demonstrate this to Africa in 1991. Long live Zambia!

  3. @Anonymous, migrate to a country of your choosing, we have Zambia and UPND led by HH for the next 8 years and UPND to continue thereafter.

  4. Zambian youths should emulate Kenyan Gen Z youths who are enforcing positive checks,accountability and changes to Kenyan governance.

    Preserve culture yes , but also make sure our leaders don’t bequeath you a a bankrupted country.

    • Africans in the Southern region are not proud. Ati preserve culture but inside the inferiority complex makes you ashamed of dressing traditionally

  5. The media plays a very big role in Social Science. Most social definitions arise from the media. In that picture above you the media tell us those are young warriors. Warriors? What war are they going to fight? Or are they preparing to fight one? In modern day Zambia if you aspire for war you join the army and become a soldier. Warriors were tribal fighters who were preparing to fight another tribe. We stopped tribal fighting at least a 100 years ago so dont encourage us by identifying us as tribal fighters.
    You the media in conjunction with current traditional leaders must find another name for those youngsters in the picture


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