Tuesday, July 16, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema Celebrates 125 Years of the Reformed Church in Zambia


President Hakainde Hichilema officiated the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Reformed Church in Zambia , held at the Lusaka Showgrounds. The Reformed Church in Zambia, one of the nation’s largest, has seen its membership grow from 20,000 to an impressive 800,000 since its humble beginnings under a tree in 1899. The church’s commitment to preaching the gospel has expanded to include the establishment of hospitals, schools, and other social support infrastructures, significantly complementing government efforts.

President Hichilema emphasized the collaborative relationship between the church and the government, highlighting that both entities serve the same communities and are not competitors. He called on the church to assist in combating drought and building resilience against future challenges through initiatives like water harvesting, irrigation, and the use of alternative energies such as solar power.

Tributes were paid to the church’s founders, including the late Reverend C. M. Cronje, Reverend Hofmeyer, and Reverend Justo Mwale, the first Zambian ordained minister, whose legacies continue to impact the country profoundly. President Hichilema urged all Zambians to emulate the humility and dedication of these founders, acknowledging the enduring influence of the church, especially evident in the enthusiastic participation of youths in today’s celebrations.

As the nation marks this monumental achievement, President Hichilema congratulated the Reformed Church in Zambia and expressed hopes for a future built on love, unity, and mutual respect.


  1. Is this the one we use to call ” DUTCH ” church? Looking at the names Hofmeyer and Cronje I guess this this the Dutch Church . There is nothing to celebrate about this church. The original founders were the archtects of apartheid in South Africa.

  2. Minds that seek revenge destroy states while those which seek reconciliation build states. Nelson Mandela talking about his former jailer whom he had just invited over to his restaurant table to eat together.

    • Littl do you know about Mandela i’m afraid
      you need to speak to the Bulgarian Embassy
      Just saying he wasnt without sin


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