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Ba mwinsho Jito Kayumba is on point; what’re other leaders doing?


There’s no denying it; ba mwinsho, Jito Kayumba is very passionate about his work…..he has definitely demonstrated his unquenchable appetite to help President Hichilema deliver according to the expectations of our people!

If he’s not in the sleepy mining town of Luanshya assuring the community that enhanced mineral production will not only bring in more income into the national treasury, create more jobs, open up more business opportunities, but also help stimulate the local economy; he’s at the Copperbelt University elucidating how students can position themselves to become effective and relevant participants in our economy. He’s yet to extend his exploits in this regard to other students across our country. He intends to invite UNZA, NIPA, Mulungushi, Evelyn Hone, among others!

Although the gentleman was born with a silver spoon in his mouth…..well, a “kumayadi person” if you like, ba mwinsho is surely at home in places such as Kalingalinga appreciating the artistic works of the local entrepreneurs or indeed rolling-out empowerment packages in the unlikely of places such as Chibolya – a dreadful place for most of us due to its reputation for “fwaka ya chingoni!”

Apart from this, he recently ‘stormed’ Mopani Mines where there’s been an outcry about a few privileged individuals selfishly grabbing all the contracts! He challenged the CEO, Charles Sakanya to ensure that there was inclusiveness and transparency in the procurement process that enables entrepreneurs to acquire supply opportunities on merit and without external influence. During his visit, he learnt that MCM is in the process of hiring more workers and finalising their social impact strategy that will benefit the communities of Kitwe and Mufulira.

In addition to this, he’s been to the Mingomba Mine in Chililabombwe to check on the progress there. The mine is poised to become one of the largest in Africa!

Since our citizens have a terrible culture of reading, we shall just share this ‘kadyonko’ for now of what Jito has really been upto, lately!

We shall now digress and come to other leaders at different rungs of the ladder. What’ve you guys been upto, honestly? What are you doing to help the President deliver on his promises to the people? Are you just busy enjoying tea with biscuits as you cut illicit deals?

If you’re a political advisor to the President, how often do you venture into the shanty compounds to gauge the mood of our people and advise the principal accordingly? Of course we don’t expect you to be wasting nights in the night clubs like the notorious Kaizer Zulu getting drink ‘belegede’ and brandishing guns, anyhow! We expect you to be always in touch with the party structures in order for you to come up to speed with what’s obtaining on the ground to avoid finding yourselves in ‘mwamoneni!’ It’s always important that you try to pick up your calls once in a while no matter the pressure is.

If you’re the Minister of Agriculture…… we’re sure you are away of the importance of ‘aka Bunga’ in this country. What are you doing to ensure farming inputs are delivered on time to avoid the mistakes of last year. Don’t even bring up the issue of drought; there must be a solution to every problem, that’s why you’ve all those technocrats in the ministry!

Ba Minister of Mines, Paul Kabuswe, what’s the latest on the Sugilite in Luapula and the gold mines at Kasenseli, Mpika and Mumbwa among other places? What’s so complicated about just giving a green light to ZCCM to take over these mines so that they can employ all those youths languishing in the streets?

Naimwe ba Secretary General of UPND, you’re a total let down! Davis Mwila who has little schooling as you definitely did far much better than you as SG of the notorious former ruling party. He’d always host press briefings to defend or explain party policies, his limited vocabulary notwithstanding! Why do you continue to keep quiet when the opposition is all out there decampaigning, discrediting and insulting UPND? Why should you always wait and give written statements when damage has already been done?

We can go, on and on of course, but we shall spare our breath… least for now. But, can you people please adopt a ‘fire brigade approach’ to work…..


Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Polical/Social Analyst


  1. Iwee Prince , dont start causing divisions in the Party. We know what we are doing and doing it well. Do not start setting the young man Jitto against the party heavu weights. The young man is just Hakainde’s chola boyi . Do not compare him to the SG or the Ministers…and in particular Minister of mines. Why is he going around the mines? What is his role there ? Let him not interfere with mine operations.

  2. Please Jito visit kingsland ‘investments’ on twin palm road see how the workers are treated here…jobs zambians can do are done by our friends from the fareast we thought this was a joint venture but us..simple bricklaying foreigner…hand over foreigner…paper collection, waste…and by the way construction going beyond the initial agreement ….come please

    • It is known that these people are at State House for deals. Imagine just how much money the Etherium founder paid to be hosted by Jito in 2022. You will note that the most critical component of ‘mining’ cryptos is electricity, and you wonder why residential load-shedding is not ending until 2026?

  3. Firstly, Jito is a little-known entity in the Private Equity space and his selection for this role is questionable when more experienced, yet youthful candidates exist. His appointment was mainly a quid-pro-quo with HH following a favor Jito did for HH during the PF regime. This notwithstanding, let us dissect what his work entails. Galivanting pretentiously and telling citizens that they can make it is really not work. These people can work without being seen and can be an ear to the President in private. Jito is self-serving and anything he is doing is an attempt to pivot for life after State House.

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